Wednesday, October 04, 2017

UK Journal: The Unfettered Mind


Well, I'll tell ya.

Last night I went down and called Michelle, then we called Jimmy who invited us over to see a video: Revenge of the Nerds II. We met his host mum. She's great!

Susan and Gordon, you're so normal! [PiL reference]

And today we went to see Legal London but the Old Bailey was closed. I wanted to see the charades [Monty Python reference?]

So, Jimmy, Michelle, and I went to a few banks until we found the American Express office which cashed my money order and another (my last) traveler's cheque so I'll have at least 100 lbs during the weekend for Camden market. Then we went to Piccadilly and had Taco Bell! Mexican food is not popular here.

Then we went to Tower Records where I found the Shaft soundtrack. It was 11 lbs. Too much. Wait until Tues! I want to get Leon a "My friend went to London and all he got me was this lousy t-shirt" shirt. After that we went down and I got my Tao watch, which I love

[I still have this watch. The guts have been replaced which probably cost ten times as much as the original item.]

I want to get:
A paisley shirt
A Blues Bros. shirt
Another Siouxsie shirt.
Maybe a Bauhaus shirt?

I wanna go back to that poster shop and maybe get some more Rocky [Horror?], Blues Brothers, Jack Nicholson, and maybe the Israel [Siouxsie] poster.

Piss on you, I'm working for Mel Brooks [Blazing Saddles reference]

Oh, yeah, I wanna see about that Easy Rider poster! The Siouxsie poster in Camden was so cool.

Michelle wants us to go to some club there, but I think it might be a bit too rough.

I saw some great pictures of Jack Nicholson as the Joker in tower records the other night when I bought the Word Up! 12" and the 7" Theme from Shaft.

Found out from Jimmy and Kevin's host mum that "dude" means "twit" so that's why people around here don't like it when I say, "Hey, dude" or "Thanks, dude." [Or maybe they just knew it sounded stupid.]

Sitting on a park bench. All I need now is the words "Beat Box" dug into the hill in front of me in order to meditate properly. Who did that anyway? Was it the Breakdance Messiah or the hand of god himself who doth spray paint on Korvettes? [Long, dumb story]

It was Elvis. [Mojo Nixon reference, I think]

Michelle's supposed to meet me down here in about 40 minutes. Until then?

Carved on this bench it says "MILK". It's chillin' [Audio Two reference]

Oh my garsh, I saw Ton Loc's new video today!

I need safety pins. My jacket's lining is coming out.

How about those hostages? Another one dies in an hour. [Is that a reference to the Davao hostage crisis?]

I look forward to going home except for two things:
1) Leaving Kevin, Jimmy, & Michelle.
2) Being on a plane with Stacy and Natasha.

I have to buy new batteries.

Natasha asked me and I told her - she was extremely dumb that night. I hate drunks. If it had seen Kevin and Jimmy, I probably would have been mad but they don't just sit and drink for the purpose of being drunk. That's a thing a dork would do and I don't wanna be associated with a dork of that nature.

It's tennis on Tuesday, shipping champagne, football on Sunday, home on the train. It's in her nature. [PiL reference]


That night at the S&M Grocers...

Fuck. Real fun. Listening to those no-account skaters... Skate? Hell, even i could skate better and that is no boast, it is a fact. Michelle is huffin' and puffin' on the white cigar and havin' a good old time with her beau, Rob, who I envy more than you or I can imagine.

Ahh, love, fuck it.

Slurping and sweating. Who needs it? Besides me, that is.

I wish that Steve were here. Or even Leon or Andy. If McGraw, Hines, Steve, and Tony were here, these kids wold be shitting the proverbial brick.

My oh my, I think that I shall soon say goodbye.


11:30 Hampton Ct Station

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