Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Shanghai Diary: The Hunchback of Shanghai

On Monday morning we went back to Puxi and stood in line for two hours for some scallion pancakes that we saw featured on a few food shows before we came over. They were worth the wait -- for the taste and for the experience.

We then went over to Tianzifang where Andrea did some power shopping. She bought things for just about everyone but herself. I chose to wait on a bench so I wasn't "hovering" around her. I don't know how well she did on the bargaining but I trust she handled herself well.

When we got back to the apartment, Andrea fell asleep on the couch, I think that the jet leg finally caught up to her. Plus, she came over to Shanghai with a cold. I let her have my "Z-Pack" that was prescribed just in case I needed it. I hope between that and the pills we bought at the local pharmacy that she is all set up.

While she slept, I looked up a new food-ordering app but the "how-to" pictures were not representative of what I was seeing. So, I tried my hand at "èle ma" ( (which literally translates to "hungry?") and surprised myself by successfully placing an order. I got way too much food (leftovers for the weekend). Andrea got up around the time I finally placed the order. We sat and ate Chinese food and watched Groundhog's Day together.

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