Saturday, November 11, 2017

Shanghai Diary: Andrea Returns

After all of the rigamarole of picking Andrea up, I was a little nuts yesterday morning when I dropped Andrea off at the airport. Emily had sent along a message I had requested to show to the Didi drive asking him to take me back to my office after dropping her off at Terminal 1. Unfortunately, she got dropped off at the wrong entrance, though it was the right terminal.

Once I got back in the car and on the road, I couldn't remember if I had kissed her goodbye or not. That question niggled at me throughout the entire rest of the day. I called her several times (via Skype since my phone can't call out of China) but her phone wouldn't accept my calls (no service). Talk about frustrating.

I got back to the office by 9:30 AM. Jason (H) and Emily were both gone on Friday and Michael Chen didn't come in until much later. That meant that I didn't really have anyone to go out to lunch with -- my other co-workers still slip out without inviting me. I can understand why -- who wants to entertain the white guy? I worked through lunch and finally left the office around 2 or so and ended up just walking back to my apartment.

I really liked that walk. It was good to be alone with my thoughts for once.

After being with Andrea for nearly one week solid, I felt more alone than ever. Still do.

I'm not sure if Andrea had a good time or not. I hope she did. I tried my best to be a good host.

I spent the evening editing two episodes of The Projection Booth and eliminating some of the files off my phone. Apparently my lack of listening to podcasts caught up with me. I moved about 5gig of podcasts off the phone and to my desktop.

I turned my ringer up and went to bed around midnight, knowing that Andrea's flight wouldn't get in until 1 or 2AM at the earliest. The bing of her WeChat woke me up and I couldn't really fall back asleep for a few hours (4ish AM). I slept for maybe two hours before waking up again and getting up.

The good news is that I kissed her goodbye. At least I didn't screw that up.

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