Saturday, November 11, 2017

Shanghai Diary: Odds and Ends

Wednesday was a day of odds and ends. We started off at Costa Coffee, headed over to the Carrefour, ate a set lunch at Bollywood, and then headed to the IFC mall in Pudong where we got some xiaolongbao before heading down to the "science & technology mall" -- that crazy place I've written about before. Andrea wasn't very happy with the whole haggling thing. She got some shoes, a new bag, and some more silk scarves. I got talked into buying more shirts that I was guaranteed would fit this time. It's no wonder the first batch didn't fit -- at least one of them is a large when I tried on a 3XL.

Thursday I went back to work for a few hours. I had a kick-off for the project for which I was essentially sent over. Yes, more than halfway through my stay. The delay is due to, in part, the Adobe Experience Manager upgrade that is just wrapping up.

I had lunch with Emily which was really nice. I checked in with the developer Jason Huang when I got back to the office and then headed back to the apartment were we went over to the one "authentic" Chinese place on my block, Hei's House. ("Who's House?!? Hei's House....")

Overpriced but not too bad. I figured this was appropriate for Andrea's final dinner in Shanghai.

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