Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spiderbaby Update

Maybe it's because it's Halloween or maybe just enough time has passed but this week a few new Lianne Spiderbaby-related items cropped up on the interwebs.

First, there's an interview with the anonymous source who tipped me off (indirectly) about the whole Spiderbaby plagiarism affair over at Dave Pace's An Ideal For Living blog.

Just two days later there was an episode of The Wolf Pack Podcast that utterly chilled my blood when I listened to it. Not only does host William Pattison AKA Eric Morse misidentify the "anonymous source" as Britney-Jade Colangelo, but he and his cronies tear into her and every other "woman in horror" (and women in general). There's one section where host Dr. Blood posits that women don't have it in them to direct horror films (I'm surprised he didn't equate it to menstrual trauma).

If you can make it past the bad audio and the egoist rants, you can hear all of the misinformation, offensive statements (and one of the hosts continuously yawning) yourself:

Here are some highlights:

EM: The Soskas are not horror directors: Horror directors know about tension, they know about character, they know how to use gore correctly, they know how to put in a scare. The Soskas do not scare. They don't have it in them."

DB: Well, they're women. That's the thing. Women don't know how to do it. I haven't seen a horror movie made by a woman apart from... uh, no. No, I was going to say, um, that Near Dark director, the one that did The Hurt Locker as well. I can't remember her soddin' name. [Kathryn Bigelow - MW]

EM: I can name one female director that I can honestly say made a very damn good horror film. That's Mary Lambert and Pet Semetary.

DB: I thought you were going to say that one. But then, to follow it up she did Pet Semetary 2, which wasn't very good.

EM: Yeah, that was a piece of crap.


DB: All these women directors, I think they've got one good film in them eventually, or somewhere in their careers. But, they're not consistent. And, if they do pull of something that's fucking scary, it's because they've been in the right place and the right time with a good fucking script behind them which was usually written by a man.


DB: Now, what will happen to Jen and Silvia [Soska] is they'll meet boyfriends, get knocked up, get married, probably not in that order, and disappear. They'll just disappear off the face of the earth. It's happened to so many women, you know. whether they're actresses or directors or cameramen or whatever you want to call it. Whatever roles they've had in the horror industry or the film industry. As soon as they get hitched, they settle down, they get a real normal job, they can't be bothered with this. I mean, look at Barbara Crampton. She disappeared for like 30 years and just decided to come back recently to get some convention money.

Audio Clips

Rather than making folks sit through the entire two hours, here are some clips of the show.

Eric breaking the story of who "the source" was:

Eric talking about his famous friends:

Eric discussing his fantasy of the Soska sisters' comeuppance:

This is amusing as well:

Update 11/10/13:

I was curious why, suddenly, the Wolf Pack podcast was giving me a 404 on this post so I did a little digging and found this over on one of "Author William Pattison (Author Eric Morse)"'s three* Facebook pages:

Ok, people, I just had to delete an episode of my podcast because a low life piece of shit named Mike White and a but of scumball troll and cyberbullys were attacking Dr Blood on the fact that we did a show about Chris Alexander using multiple profiles to troll reviewers who gave Fangoria produced films bad reviews. Also in that show we scooped who sold out Lianne Spiderbaby so she could get her job. The creepiest and most disurbing (sic) thing is that Mike White not only posted a link to the episode he transcribed portions of the show and did sound bits. Excuse me? A person has to be really lonely and pathetic to put in that much work on one little podcast. But here is the amusing thing, these jackasses attacked Dr Blood brutally but I haven't heard a thing except a couple of compliments on scooping the Spiderbaby thing. These cowardly bitches haven't said a single word to me. They are too afraid that I'll rip them apart publically (sic). So, here is what I got to say to Mike White. You are a creepy lower life scumball piece of shit. You go after the weaker guy because you are a coward. I've taken down Wil Keiper and Horror Yearbook. I've taken down Foo and Horror Movie Fans. I'm the person that Bloody-Disgusting remembers and hates because I showed them for the scumballs they are. I've showed two excuses for actresses as scumball users. I've taken of the two love children of the horror socials and Women of Horror and showed them to be egotistical, self-absorbed, shallow, bitches. I've taken down two conventions. And I've shown that the managing editor of Fangoria is a cyberbully and troll. So, you are a tiny maggot to me. So, go fuck off loser.

I find this to be incredibly strange. I "messed with the lion" and didn't get the claws. Instead, I got a lamb who would remove an episode of his show rather than defend it. Morse continues to miss the point that I was offended by his episode not because of any "Chris Alexander controversy" but because of the sloppy journalism and "creepy and disturbing" attitudes about women.

"[W]e scooped who sold out Lianne Spiderbaby so she could get her job" boasts Morse who apparently still doesn't realize -- or care -- that the person identified on his show was not the right one.

Morse also seems shocked that I would transcribe portions of his show and cut out some sound clips. This took me a matter of minutes to do. It's not like transcribing and audio editing are something foreign to me. So, really, he shouldn't flatter himself to think that it took much time or dedication to do such a thing.

I'm curious, too, why Morse would address me on a page I don't read. That's not really a good way to go about ripping me apart "pubically". Morse may claim to have "taken down" quite a few people and events but the only thing I can see that he's taken down is an episode of his podcast.

*Eric Morse / William Pattinson's three Facebook pages:
William Pattison
Eric Morse
Author Eric Morse

Again, remember how angry he was about Chris Alexander using a pen name.

Update 11/13/13:

In another odd move, the Wolf Pack posted a podcast which directly addresses me (by name, this time) where Derek "The Sleepy One" Young went on for nearly 45 minutes about this blog post. Again, there's been some concern about how long it took me to jot down a few lines and make a few sound clips. Let's just say that it was a lot less than 45 minutes (maybe ~5).

If it's not pulled, you can hear it here:

The podcast feels like a drunken voicemail left at 3AM.

I'm kind of honored that The Wolf Pack would take such time and make such an effort to dedicate an entire episode to a 1000 word blog post. I was going to list some highlights of the show but I don't want that to be misconstrued as me spending unwarranted time on this rather hilarious episode.

Update 11/14/2013

Just to be a completest, here's yet another of these Wolf Pack podcasts that seem to be addressing me directly. Obsess much?

Update 11/18/2013

Geesh. When is this going to end? The fellas at the Wolf Pack podcast pulled yet another episode. This was the one I was linking to via my 11/14/2013 update. It was called -- oddly enough -- "A Drunken 45 Minute Email." No, you read that right.

Fortunately, I saved the episode so you can hear it here:

And, as a favor to Derek Young, I did some editing to his rap song to add music back to the track:

Sure to be a hit!


Dr Blood said...

Naw, you missed the point. It's not about women in general, it's about the "Women in Horror Month" clique. It's their clique, the horror socials, and their whiteknighting fantards who are getting the backlash.

After years of enduring their trolling, cyberbullying, and their baiting of all the men in horror, let the WiHM reap what they have sown. This is what a cross-section of men in horror actually feel about them. Especially as their claims about inequality and misogyny are bogus anyway. As Hart says at the end, there are more women in the horror movie industry than ever before, but none of their success has to do with an attention-seeking group such as "WiHM".

Apologies for poor audio - it's a phone-in podcast site - and we all have shitty phones. Also, bearing in mind that it was done in the early hours of the morning, no wonder a co-host fell asleep. He was already tired to start with. LOL

I know it's difficult for you, but you should try to listen to what's being said rather than what you want to hear.

William "Eric Morse" Pattison said...

As Dr Blood said, Mike, you are so way off you are in outer space. We were talking about Women in Horror the organization not women in horror in general. You need to get that shit straight. As far as me and my associates tearing them down, your damned right we did. Women in Horror the organization has become a joke the last few years. Many of the best an respected members of that organization have walked away in disgust. Hell, this year they didn't post anything about their supposed charity work they do for Women in Horror Month, all they did is harp about The Soska Sisters not getting put in Masters of Horror. Get this straight, assholes, Jen and Sylvia have not earned a place in that organization, nor do I think they ever will. They both have become complete and utter ego cases and deserve the quick and harsh fall that will be coming their way very soon. As far as the main controversy of the show, which was Chris Alexander from Fangoria using multiple profiles to harass reviews that wrote negative reviews on his film and other films produced by Fangoria I see you ignored that. How very telling....

Mike White said...

1) I find it ironic that William Pattison AKA Eric Morse has a problem with people using pen names. But that's neither here nor there as this post is titled "Spiderbaby Update" not "Chris Alexander Update". If people want to find out more about that, I think Dave Pace is covering it. I'm not putting my foot into that arena.

2) You have an unhealthy obsession with the Soska sisters. I would advise that you work these issues out with a professional and not via internet ravings.

Mike White said...

After reading a bit of your blog -- -- I think that the unhealthy obsession is de rigeur for you. I shan't engage in any more dialogue with you as I know it will just lead to more senseless ranting. Good day.

Unknown said...

Mike, I want to thank you for this post. While I have no presence in the online horror/cult film world, I have read and enjoyed many cult-related zines and websites over the years, including Cashiers du Cinemart and Projection Booth.

I am glad you brought this asinine podacst to the public's attention. While it is obviously a product of the lunatic fringe, it is also, unfortunately, a reflection of a growing sentiment that I have observed within the cult film community. Sadly, many folks in the "scene" espouse similar sentiments.

There seems to be a growing anti-woman witchhunt in fan cirlces, especially online. The most distubing thing about this podcast for me is that these losers saw fit to drag a completely innocent bystander's name through the mud. That said, I'm glad that psychopaths like Morse and Dr. Blood are confindent enough in their delusions to make them public, thereby ensuring that those of us with half a brain will never waste our time with any of their product again.

Simon Beneteau

Dr Blood said...

"ensuring that those of us with half a brain"

You only have half a brain? Out of thy own mouth, you condemn thyself, Simon. LOL

It's also a podcast not a "podacst".

To be honest, I don't want illiterate half-wits anywhere near my "product" anyway. It's clearly too adult for you.

HH said...

I just want to say that I just checked out Eric's blog and I am really disappointed. There are dozens of articles about the Soskas, but as far as I can see, I am only mentioned once, and he doesn't even use my full name. How is that going to help me gain more Internet notoriety/fame? Eric, from now on please use my full name and link to my blog if you mention me, as it will help with google searches, etc.

BekahM said...

And I got ridiculously misquoted. I even went back and checked my sent emails to make sure. He was way off.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Simon but you misspelled the word podcast. Your opinion is now invalid and Morse and Dr. Blood are no longer misogynists. Sorry but those are the rules of arguments.
Mike Sullivan

Unknown said...

To be honest, the "illiterate half-wit" comment was genuinely clever; I kind of walked into it.

Since Dr. Blood doesn't have any arguments to bring to the table, though, I'll leave him to enjoy his all-male fantasy world.

Dr Blood said...

Oh, but I do have some valid arguments, Simon. You've simply walked into a clique war that's been going on for years without knowing all the facts.

The history of WiHM members and ambassadors plagiarising other writers and disrupting horror sites dates back to 2009. Lianne Spiderbaby was just the most famous example to get caught.

Check these links, if you aren't already too brainwashed by their "misogyny" decoy:

You'll need the WayBackMachine to read the last article in its entirety.

And then you can confirm what was said on these links by speaking to ScreamTV, Fangoria and

Mike "The Eunuch" White won't do it because he says doesn't have time. He's clearly got all day to transcribe comedy podcasts to be a dick however. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Physician, heal thyself! If only you had a website or blog where you could write about these alleged injustices and do the work that you're expecting Mike White to do.

If only you had a place like where you could lift a finger to do the work yourself. Or, if only you knew someone who did a podcast where you could talk about your findings there. You did such a wonderful job outing the source of the Lianne Spiderbaby scandal that I'm sure any of your insightful investigative journalism would be just as valid.

Is it that you're afraid that your word carries no weight while White's does? Or are you afraid that you'll flub up as badly as you just did with your unfounded accusations against BJ Colangelo? Or are you simply lazy? Quit wasting Mike White's time with your schoolyard pettiness... actually, stop wasting everyone's time. Go crawl back under your rock and write your "ultimate guide to the best horror movies ever made."

Dr Blood said...

To Anonymous (aka Dave Pace)

Because outing plagiarism is not really the agenda of my blog. And I'm lazy. :)

However, I've already written and posted my piece about the Lianne Spiderbaby incident back when it happened. It contains links to a whole lot of other good stuff which you've chosen to ignore due to being emasculated.

Why don't you quit airing your dirty laundry in public and make up with your brother-in-law Chris Alexander? Is it because your words carry no weight anymore and you're raging against the machine like a small child having a tantrum?

Your claim about what writers get paid from Fangoria is absolutely hilarious in its inaccuracy too. Talk about "unfounded accusations"! You're the master of getting things wrong. I can't even compete with your track record or epic failure. Coming from someone who wasn't even a real Fangoria writer, your insights into how the magazine industry works are classics.

It was amusing to start with, but now it's boring... just like you and everything you write on

Are we done now? Or shall we just keep slapping each other like toddlers for the rest of eternity?

Anonymous said...

Now you're biting the hand of Dave Pace? The same guy who gave you all that fuel for your anti-Alexander rant? As the world goes on you'll find yourself in smaller and smaller circles of hell. You're some kind of maniac.

Dr Blood said...

Dave Pace bit the hand that fed him first. What goes around, comes around.

For the record, the only issues I have with Chris Alexander are his shill previews and the quality of his "movie". Aside from that, I have no problem with the guy. Dave Pace, however, is a douchewaffle of the highest order who needs to see a therapist.

Maybe we all do for flogging this dead horse story to death.

By the way, whiteknighting for the WiHM is another form of misogyny. It's a case of "poor little girls can't fight their own battles so we have to do it for them". You didn't think it through really, did you?

Welcome to the boys' club!

Anonymous said...

More irony, Mike. Not only does Pattison AKA Morse have problems with people using pen names... but he also has problems with bullies.

Funny that he's now a bully, as are his cronies.

Have you heard his new episode? You get a shout out... kinda.

Anonymous said...

I know Morse is all about getting an apology from the Soska Sisters (for....? Forgetting his birthday? Being talented? Being women?) but when is Dr. Blood going to apologize to BJ Colangelo for 1) misnaming her as "the source" and 2) being a nuisance to her?

Dr Blood said...

Listen to the podcast again, I never named her. Nor did Eric. He said her name wrong. LOL

So, yeah, the answer you're looking for is either: 1) When Hell freezes over, or 2) When Dave Pace and Chris Alexander kiss and make up. Neither is likely to happen in your lifetime.

Once again, troll, you fail.

Anonymous said...

Then I suppose it's fair to out you, Dr. Blood, as the source of the Spiderbaby plagiarism scandal.

Mike White said...

Didn't I approve a comment where Dr Blood said he was The Source? What happened to that?

Anonymous said...

I hear he also kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby, too.

Anonymous said...

Behold the face of someone who never gets laid, is angry about it, and also applies for work at Panda Express:

Anonymous said...

Whoa, go easy on Dr Blood, don't you know he's a FAMOUS CELEBRITY, at least in his own mind!?!

Who knew a cheerful little kid like this would grow up to be a 43 year-old man who strongly believes he is in a "clique war" with 20 year-old girls:

I say conrats to you Dr Blood in your campaign to expose liars and hypocrites in the horror scene (exempting yourself, of course). Battle on, brave keyboard warrior! Keep those cooties at bay!

Anonymous said...

I want to see Dr. Blood's medical degree.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading horror publications for years and I have NEVER heard of these two supposed world famous jackasses until now. I'd advise the misidentified writer to sue for libel, but that would probably make Dumb and Dumber hyperventilate knowing that more than one person has actually heard of them.

Anonymous said...

Blood tried to scrub his pic I posted above. But, oh wait, too late:

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Looks like Mike White and his "Anonymous" poster have a thing for 10 year old schoolboys in uniform. Can anyone say "pedophile"?

Mike White said...

Grasp for straws much?

Anonymous said...

Funny how the talk of what Christopher Alexander has done has been side tracked to a topic about women in horror. You think that was an accident? You think this conversation wasn’t sidetracked for a reason?

In my opinion, who gives a fuck what two podcasters say in the face of a liar who deceives the entire horror community? Seriously. How come you’re so easily lead?

Even if these guys have a problem with women in horror, that’s their goddamn opinion & they have every right to decide that cheeseburgers suck a dick. It’s a non-issue. Just like an asshole, we’ve all got opinions.

Nobody cares what these guys said. This is all a smoke screen to distract you of the deceptive policies of a major horror brand. Woman kick ass in horror. They’ve been doing it for decades. The point is mute.

As for the other assclown, he’s lying to his readers faces & then sticking it to them with a “So I fucked you & lied to you, so fucking what?” response.

Keep bleating sheeple. You reveal yourselves with both your soft words & softer minds.

Hart D. Fisher

I’m the guy who crashed the podcast late in the game to find out what the hell Chris Asshole had done this time & supports women in horror the old fashioned way, by empowering them to do more work.

Get real fuckers. Get real. Stop talking shit all day long on the web, get back to the horror:

Watch FREE all night, all day on the Original American Horrors….

Get back to the real topic here guys. The head of Fangoria has no problem lying to readers & isn’t embarrassed that his film is so weak he had to make up a fake person to praise it.

Mike White said...


Anonymous said...

It wasn't mike who "sidetracked" the conversation. It was all part of the podcast and a very disturbing part. Pace is doing a job of taking Alexander to task.

Anonymous said...

So Mike is too scared to take on Chris Alexander? How very telling....

Rebekah Herzberg said...

This is a sad attempt to get more hits for Dr Blood (lol) and Eric William errr whatever. I posted my rebuttal on said sad site full of lies and spoke about it on a podcast that was posted tonight. Sorry for my latest response, I was five months pregna t when this rude and untrue blog was made.

Mike White said...

"So Mike is too scare to take on Chris Alexander?"

You seem to be missing the point of this post. This isn't "Chris Alexander Update" it's the "Spiderbaby Update." And, moreover, I chose to highlight the underlying sexism that was brought to the fore a bit when the Spiderbaby story broke. In discussing Lianne's plagiarism, there was a steady undercurrent of sexism that I found disturbing. This was really forward in the comments on the Wolf Pack podcast.

Yes, they discussed some Alexander stuff, too, but that's not where my passion lay. Plus, I think that there's already an entire blog dedicated to discussing Alexander. If readers are interested in learning more they can visit

I'm not avoiding one subject by discussing another. I'm discussing one subject and sticking to that with this post. Or, at least, I'm trying to.

Anonymous said...

So why are you too scared to discuss Chris Alexander? You haven't answered.

Mike White said...

It's not fear. It's just lack of interest. Plus, I think Dave Pace is doing a much better job of discussing it.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so scared of Chris Alexander?

Mr. Blood said...

Woah, looks like Dr. Blood pulled a Lianne Spiderbaby. He turned his blog to "invite only" and deleted his Twitter account.

What will the world do without his invaluable (as in "not valuable") insight?

Mike White said...

Hey, Anonymous, as far as I know, I'm not. :)

If you have something of value to say, please say it.

Mike White's Ghost said...

After listening to the unspectacular podcast which has nothng to do with Lianne Spiderbaby except for a brief mention, apparently Mike White is a relation of this guy:

Anonymous said...

Lianne was never a member of the Women in Horror Month organization. Just FYI ;) She was a guest on the podcast.

Dave Pace's Career said...

Elske McCain on Women in Horror Month:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Now you share the same troll with Dave Pace's blog.

Now you've both killed your blogs and nobody but more trolls will comment on them. What a shame.

Ben Cortman

Mike White said...

>>unspectacular podcast which has nothng to do with Lianne Spiderbaby except for a brief mention<<

It was more the idea that the source of the story was going to be revealed... and was... as the WRONG PERSON. And, since the fingers were pointed at a female writer, it became "necessary" for the hosts to start piling on all females.

Sorry if you missed the point of why the "Wolf Pack" was even mentioned in this post. I thought I made it clear enough above.

Anonymous said...

Then this happened, Dr. Blood's been yanked out of the closet:

Keyboard hero gets served.

Chris Alexander said...

I'm scared of Chris Alexander.
And I AM Chris Alexander!

And as always, I'm always free to discuss anything with anyone -

I won't talk on my former blogger who has an unusual amount of interest in me for reasons known only to himself, but if this is regarding my pen name...yep, I am Cortman. 12 years of Cortman in two magazines. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I did in fact use my pen name to sign off on a 400 word preview of a movie I made in my spare time in FANGORIA #319 last year, a great issue in which I also interviewed Damien Echolls, revisited THE OMEGA MAN (hence the presence of Cortman) and many other pretty okay features that I penned with interest and enthusiasm.

I accept if my readers are angry about using Cortman to sign off on my own perhaps, er, over-enthusiastic preview. But as I've also said, any name signing off on that would be conflict of interest as I approve of every feature in the pages of FANGORIA magazine and plot it closely with managing editor Mike Gingold. It was a matter of convenience and also....jeez, I thought it was kind of amusing, no?

I won't abandon my old pal Ben, and many have cited that I am he before. Kinda something I do when waxing on internal side-stuff with staff and on Matheson pieces.

But if I have offended any of my readers or fans, mea culpa.

Again, I am open to any constructive feedback from my readers on the content and presentation of the mag.

Now, back to sleeping under Mike White's bed and keeping him in a state of paralysis...mwahahaha.

Mike White said...

Scariest post ever.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Blood is back, bitches.

You can't bring him down!

Anonymous said...

As Eric Morris said:

I just found out an amusing thing. My associate, Dr Blood, is getting seriously attacked by friends of Chris Alexander, the horror socials, and Women in Horror (the organization). Surprisingly enough, as I said earlier, Ive gotten nothing but praise and positive feedback from fans of The Wolf Pack. So, what I gather from this is this bunch of petty assholes are doing the wise thing of avoiding a confrontation with me because as I say on my banner Dont fuck with the lion unless you want the claws. They are royally afraid of me because they know that Ive brought down websites in my past. They dont call me King of the Splatter Punks for nothing. So, like the petty little ego cases they are they go for the person they consider weaker, that being Dr. Blood. Real professional, people, and really shows your organizations in a good light to the horror community. Youve both already got black eyes and made jokes over this disgrace with Chris Alexander and B.J. Colangelo. Why not just lick your wounds and move on while you still have a trace of any respect left. Grow up bitches.

Annie Riordan said...

Hey Dr. Blood, do you remember me? Yeah, I'm the girl you sent an email on MySpace to back in the day, telling me that my tattoos were revolting and I was a bad influence on children. When I retaliated by calling you an asshole (which, indeed, you are) you told all of your little friends that I hated gay people and was thankful for the AIDS virus. None of which was true, of course. All of which points to the irrefutable fact that you are a sick misogynist. You don't hate women in horror: you hate women PERIOD. Despite the fact that I am a woman and very much involved in the horror industry, I do not consider myself a "Woman In Horror" and am very much against the concept, which smacks of reverse sexism. That said, I am of the very strong opinion that Dr. Blood is a cowardly, hypocritical scumbag with a sadistic streak whom no one should attempt to emulate.

Dr Blood said...

Annie, I'm sorry for any distress that may have caused you 7 years ago. Yes, it really was that long ago. You'll also remember that I deleted a ton of "scene kids" and "suicide girls" at the same time, and that I wrote to you beforehand not quite so spitefully explaining why it was a tough decision for me to "unfriend" you because I did like you and what you had to say about things at the time. But you went ballistic over it.

I've done all kinds of stupid things and said a lot of nasty things to people over the years. Yes, I've been an asshole and a scumbag. I don't deny it. I'm not proud of it, I just got caught up with the internet too much. Insults aside, which you have every right to, I've been a total asshole over the years.

Glad you agree about the reverse sexism of the WiHM concept. I've apologised to them too. To be honest, I don't really care anymore, and I don't even know how I came to get caught up in it or the other arguments. Boredom perhaps? This isn't why I started writing about horror movies. Somewhere I just went very wrong in the quest for popularity bullshit and being controversial to get pageviews.

But as I've said on The Mortuary forum, I'm done with horror now, and I'm apologising to everyone on an individual basis. But that's for me to work out with people between ourselves rather than third parties agitating the mix in public for more drama.

Once again, Annie, I'm sorry.

And Mike White, I'm sorry to you too.

Annie Riordan said...

You're damn right I went ballistic. You attack me without provocation for choosing to express myself in a manner of which you did not approve (and which was none of your damn business) without bothering to find out anything about my character, and sent a flood of deranged cyberbullies to my page, threatening to kill me for things I'd never said or done. You "apologize" after defending your own comments at length, being backed into a corner, realizing you had and deserved no allies/support, then tuck your tail between your legs and skulk off saying you're quitting horror and trying to make yourself out to be an aggrieved victim for shit that you said. I hope you really do stay gone on a permanent basis. Good riddance. Apology not accepted as its sincerity is dubious, to say the least.

Dr Blood said...

Wait. I didn't send any deranged cyberbullies to your page at all, and I can't be held responsible for anything anyone else said. If any of that went down, I wasn't even aware of it. You seemed to have your own clique coming after me with the same threats to kill me, or maybe that was just a coincidence.

No, I'm not an "aggrieved victim", I'm someone who took a few steps back recently and realised what a load of horseshit fighting on the internet about anything is. I hold my hands up to anything I've done wrong because I know what a dick I've been.

I've never worked as part of a "team" or group or clique, and everything dickish I've done has always been a one to one effort. I agree that my example is definitely not one to emulate.

Alex Jowski said...

Well good on Dr Blood at least for engaging in debate and attempting to defend/explain his actions and eventually apologize for them. At least he realizes that amends need to be made and is starting the long work of perhaps patching bridges instead of burning them. Unlike Eric Morse who responds to everything with deletion. Josh Hadley and myself have both invited Morse/Pattison to discuss his views and he responds with deleting his podcast, deleting any sort of criticism of his character, blocking people and then saying in the most self-righteous manner possible: "I showed those trolls."

What I had to say to Morse/Pattison (which he promptly deleted because he's a paranoid git who screams "cyberbully" at any kind of criticism):

"You know, I'm just going to quote something you said in a previous post:
"These cowardly bitches haven't said a single word to me. They are too afraid that I'll rip them apart publically." (sic)

However these "cowardly bitches" which include Mike White, Josh Hadley, et al were the ones ripping you apart publicly. They were not cowards - they took the step to publicly say "I do not agree with this man and here are the reasons why." Your response has been the cowardly one. Instead of standing by or defending what you said in your podcast you deleted it. Instead of responding or even trying to open a dialogue with others that were in disagreement with what you had to say, you simply blocked them. No - you blocked them and THEN talked shit about them. You called Mike White "a creepy lower life scumball piece of shit," only after you blocked him and deleted your podcast. You called Josh Hadley a bitch only after you blocked him. That's not at all ripping apart people publicly; in fact its the total opposite. It's the actions of a very terrified person to simply run and hide. You talk about the horrors of cyber-bullying but your response is to run away instead of making a stand against it. You appear to be so afraid of any retaliation from them that you've just blocked them. Seriously, man, it's the internet. If you can't take any criticism and choose to hide from it, then you have no business producing content because no matter what you say or what you make there will always be people that disagree with you or dislike what you make. If you're unable to accept that and choose to just block people and rage in your corner about it then maybe you should really find something better to do with your time.

I fail to see how you have the gumption to make claims that you've taken down sites or that there are people that are afraid of you - when your solution has been to run away. Simply blocking them is NOT taking them down in the slightest. The other people and places you mention having taken down (Horror Yearbook, Wil Keiper, Horror Movie Fans) all seem to be doing quite well. You make this mighty claim that you've shown the Soska sisters for what they really are - but what's that accomplished. The Soskas seem to be doing pretty well in their community while you just continue to block people and rage to the tiny few who listen out of rubber-necking curiosity rather than any sort of solid interest.

Really, you should just try to be assertive sometime - much better than your current passive-aggressive trend of blocking people, and deleting posts to hide."

Josh Hadley also wrote an article on the topic, when he invited Morse/Pattison to comment on it or engage in any sort of conversation in the matter his comments were immediately deleted and blocked with another vain "those bitches don't know" post.

So while I did not at all agree with Dr Blood's initial comments and views on women, I at least respect that he was bold enough to engage in conversation about the matter and confront those who spoke against him. At least an effort was made - unlike that coward and hypocrite Eric Morse/William Pattison.

Dr Blood said...

Thanks Alex. I remember you used to comment on my blog occasionally too.

The thing is with this "Women in Horror" issue, can you actually name ten good horror movies directed by women? Last night I rewatched "Pet Sematary" (yeah, so much for being completely burnt out on horror) because I always thought it was good. But last night, I realised it wasn't. It's got pacing flaws, wooden acting, lack of chemistry between actors... all that stuff. How is that me being misogynistic?

Same goes fro "Near Dark" which was a bomb theatrically and only gained cult status on VHS. And Angela's Bettis' "Roman" was great but written by its star Lucky McKee. Apart from "American Mary", I can't even think of any more women-directed horror movies. That's not misogyny, that's just how it is.

Also, I'm not an unreasonable person. I know that I've played the internet incorrectly. I'm not the only one, it always takes at least two to cause an argument, but I never meant to hurt people. Most of it was meant in fun which backfired. Frequently.

Recently a guy called "X The Unknown" (who I did a couple of podcasts with last year) described me in a Tweet as "He was cool once, but he got too mean." I didn't realise. Nobody said, "Hold on there, reel yourself in a bit!" Without an editor, I really screwed up.

I've trying to rebuild a few bridges, but I'm really too old now to be playing about with horror movies. That time for me is over.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Blood still seems to be missing the point. Asking for a list of ten good horror movies directed by women is somewhat offensive. Think if you rephrased the question, "Name me ten good horror movies directed by Asians" or "Name me ten good horror movies directed by Muslims."

Is he trying to imply that there's an inherent flaw to being a woman that affects their ability to direct horror films?

Can we agree that there has been a dearth of female directors through the history of cinema, especially so-called "genre cinema"?

Likewise, the idea of a "good" horror movie is also a matter of taste. Dr. Blood may not enjoy the two films he mentioned but I can find dozens, if not hundreds, of people who do.

Sorry, Dr. Blood but your true colors are showing, no matter how many empty apologies you make.

Alex Jowski said...

"Good movies" is a matter of opinion. There is no such thing as an inherently "good" movie. There have been plenty of horror movies from women directors that found a large audience of people across all genders that enjoyed them. Despite their flaws I still really enjoy "Pet Semetary," "American Psycho" and "Near Dark" and the gender of the director never factored into my opinion of that movie. The reason that there's not a lot of women directing horror movies isn't because of a gender-based skill set. Women generally aren't into horror films. Girls who get into horror movies are a niche - the same reason you don't find a whole lot of girls who enjoy pornography. There are plenty of talented women directors (Sofia Coppola, Kimberly Pierce, Lynne Ramsay, Amy Heckerling, Jamie Babbit, Debra Granik, Jane Campion) that have made a lot of great non-horror films. What they all have in common are themes that speak to a much broader audience and oftentimes deal with having a strong female protagonist in a story that does appeal more towards a feminine sentimentality.

Men are excited more easily through visuals - women through emotion. Horror, like pornography, deals with a more immediate visual stimulation. (There is a valid reason why people group horror and sex together so frequently). They are quick little joyrides. It's rare to find a horror movie from ANY director that created a lasting emotional impact. That's the appeal and enjoyment of horror as being a prime type of escapist entertainment. Horror movies don't really deal with greater themes or emotional needs and issues. It provides the visual stimulation men readily enjoy but lacks the emotional stimulation women enjoy. That's why there aren't a lot of women working in horror - it is simply not a genre or style that appeals to most women.

Dr Blood said...

So we're back to the "anonymous" comment postings again are we? Really?

"Can we agree that there has been a dearth of female directors through the history of cinema, especially so-called 'genre cinema'?"

Yes, we can.

I would actually love to see a great horror movie directed by a woman. Or a great horror movie directed by anyone, no matter what genitalia they have.

All the movies I mentioned (by women), I actually rated as good horror movies regardless of my own taste.

Now the thing is, you seem hellbent on accusing of some innate misogyny. Maybe. Like all of us, I'm a product of my society, environment, education, and entertainment choices. Maybe it's natural? I don't have the answers to any of that.

Have I acted misgogynistically? Not that I was aware of. But having had it pointed out to me, yes, I probably did.

Anonymous said...

Misogyny? Perhaps. Sexism? Definitely.

Dr Blood said...

Trying to address two replies in one here:

Alex, there are universals which qualify a good movie over a bad one. It's not all subjective.

A recent Fangoria article also suggests that 50% of the horror audience are women.

Anonymous, okay. I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Blood -- are these the hordes that were attacking you per Morse's postings? A couple guys on this lame blog?

I'm curious how you felt being called weak by Morse.

Dr Blood said...

I'm not discussing any of that "anonymous".

Annie Riordan said...

Well really, what did you think would happen when you told everyone that I hated gay people and hoped AIDS would kill them all? You made up the most vile untruth you could think of and unleashed the dogs. Because I suppose saying: "This girl is mad at me because I called her repulsive and a bad influence on children simply because she has tattoos" wasn't going to get the response you wanted.

Look, I've made my point and gotten you to admit that what you did was wrong. And although I personally cannot forgive you, nor could I ever trust you, I do hope you pull back a bit and realize just how rotten the things you've said and done really are and take some responsibility for your actions from now on.

Mike "The Eunuch" White said...

Though I made a promise to not engage Dr. Blood above, I am doing this one time:

Dr. Blood -- you may have apologized to me -- which I find dubious -- but what about an apology to Britney-Jade Colangelo for dragging her name through the mud and doing to her some of the things you did to Annie Riordan? I'm sure there are countless people you've insulted far worse than you've insulted me.

Feel free to work out your issues on your own and come back when you've grown up.

Dr Blood said...

Yes, Annie, I do realise how bad I was. I honestly don't remember saying anything about you hating gay people and hoping AIDS would kill them all though. It was 7 years ago! All I really remember of you were your gothic pictures and something about you giving the finger to some guy in a truck who honked at you. Oh, and you did some writing for Joe Horror. That's it.

I don't need you to forgive me or trust me. Holding a grudge for 7 years is a bit much. I apologised unconditionally and I meant it.

And yes, on an individual, "come to me and we'll talk it over basis", I am accepting responsibility for my actions from now on and apologising to those who feel that I've done them some harm in any way.

Good luck, live well.

Dr Blood said...

So that's what this is all about, Mike? BJC? ::sigh::

Check back to August 20th (on Twitter and her Facebook page) to see her overreaction to a semi-humourous and semi-sarcastic comment I left on her blog which wasn't even posted but she screencapped and used to start a whiteknighting torrent of cyberbullying against me. Everything else seemed logical with that episode in my mind.

Again, I didn't say her name on the podcast because I don't like to say it even now.

Yes, it was wrong of me to post something like that to someone who I'd only corresponded with once before. But her blog dismissed a movie, namely "I Spit on Your Grave 2", before it was even made with a load of the usual anti-misogyny nonsense which I was getting tired of. As it was, I went on to pan the movie myself, but not until I'd seen it.

That's where our differences began, and that's between us, not a third party.

And I sincerely apologised to you, Mike. I meant it. We don't know each other, we've never met, and you didn't deserve it. The situation is above in the Twitter screencap to see how it all happened.

And yes, I have insulted people way back.

The entire Deadpit message board,, men, women, no distinction. I was a total asshole. It's always on both sides though.

I've been writing emails to lots of people. I've been talking to Heidi Hunnicutt, Rebekah Hertzberg and even apologised to Chris Alexander (hence why my blog was down for a day as I removed anything I said about them). We're talking. but it's a long processs. I'll get to everyone eventually.

Dr Blood said...

One last thing.

It was Heidi Hunnicutt who told me to start looking at the good in people rather than the bad. You've got her to thank for this change. Yes, a WiHM ambassador helped me to see the light and do something. How ironic is that?

Annie Riordan said...

I remember the screen-cap to which you are referring. You were pseudo-masturbating to rape footage and coldly dismissing BJ's disgust. Yeah uh...that was nauseating. Bone-chillingly nauseating. I may not be much for the WiH movement, but I know what it's like to be sexually humiliated. It's nothing to joke about, really. Your callousness really, physically sickened me.

Dr Blood said...

I wrote "fapfapfap" after a comment about Sarah Butler being hot in the first movie. That's not "psuedo-masturbating", it's the legacy of a hashtag which I'd been overusing on Twitter with a bunch of "the guys".

And then I reminded her that no matter what she says, exploitation movies are still going to be made.

At the end of the day, it's only a movie. Taking movies too seriously is part of the problem.

After she wrote a piece defending tree rape in "Evil Dead", I saw her response as hypocritical.

Annie Riordan said...

You're digging yourself a deeper hole. Just saying.

Dr Blood said...

We all have different reactions to movies. I'm hardened to most horror so stuff like "ISPYG" is nothing to me. The only one which did get me a bit was "The Girl Next Door".

I suppose I should have checked more into her agenda, but I didn't. I saw a load of published comments under that post with some guy called "Jervaise" saying he wanted to do her in the ass, and her joking along with it, and I thought it was fair game.

You know everything on here is about the social networking, getting numbers of followers, and all that other stupidity. People aren't really getting to know each other and that's where all these miscommunications happen. Cliques, whiteknighting, and only seeing half the story.

If, like me, you're already jaded and getting fed up with what you percieve as faux prudishness for the sake of attention seeking among horror fans, that's just another argument waiting to happen.

Like I said, anyone with a problem, come and talk to me on my blog or elsewhere. Stop defending friends and "pretend internet friends". It's about one-to-one, not what I did to someone else who you like or dislike.

That's all. Have a nice day, everybody.

Annie Riordan said...

I knew you weren't really sorry. You're already back to justifying the actions you apologized for.

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice article by Josh Hadley about Morse/Blood:

BJ Colangelo said...

I had done my very best to stay out of this whole situation, but I'm going to say something because I'm tired of dealing with it.

I had seen you write articles about women in horror for quite some time saying some hurtful things and I kept my mouth shut. I never said a thing about it. However, when you came to MY site and said something in MY comment section, you were officially saying hurtful things on my territory and I didn't like it. I screencapped the comment and posted it on the facebook page. I did not remove the image because I'm afraid of you or any of that sort of thing, I removed the image at the request of a fellow survivor of rape. It had been almost a month until you even realized that the photo existed. I had moved on and forgotten about the situation as did my readers, you brought it back from the dead long after it had already been removed.

My "defense of tree-rape" article was discussing how using rape in film sheds to light a terrible action that happens every single day to men and women all over the world and how censoring it silences their stories. NOT saying 'tree-rape is okay because you can fap to it." There's a huge difference.

As far as my dealings with "Jervaise," that troll has been attacking me for YEARS. If you ask other bloggers, they can also tell you that Jervaise makes accounts with the same name as the bloggers and then comments as them so it looks like the author likes what he has to say. If you look more closely to the comments, you'll notice that the ones titled "BJ Colangelo" in gray font do not click through to my blogger profile...because they're not me. I try my best to keep those comments from showing up on my site, but when I see "BJ Colangelo" wrote a comment, it's easier for it to slip through the cracks.

After the twitter war you started towards me, you opened the doors for other individuals. I never once asked anyone to come to my defense or to "cyber bully and harass" you. Individuals did that on their own accord because they disliked what you were doing. That twitter war inspired people commenting on my facebook page within seconds of your tweets about me, saying things about how I must have lied about being raped or that I'm too unfuckable to rape. These comments have NEVER come up until you started saying things about me on twitter. For what? A comment YOU posted that I deleted and you didn't even see it until a month after it had been gone? I don't know if you were the one who said these things about me and quite honestly, I don't care who the fuck said these things about me. It doesn't change the fact that either you or someone else sent horrific comments about my rape experience. That's fucked up no matter how you slice it.

I didn't out Lianne. I don't even really know Lianne nor did I follow her work. I had no idea she was a plagiarist until it showed up on this website. My list of women to read was to try and calm some of the fires that erupted from people about how Lianne is "proof that women have no place in horror." I didn't out her to take her job. 1) I don't work for Fangoria and 2) That's a smarmy thing to do.
What I found even more amusing was that on that Wolfpack podcast, it was mentioned that this whole Women In Horror (myself included) thing got all pissy over the "Masters of Horror" list. If any of you would have done just one quick google search, you'd know that I publicly threw myself under fire because I said "I'm a woman in horror, but none of the women in horror currently deserve to be on that list." <-proof is in the pudding.

I don't want an apology from you, because I don't need one to move on from all of this nonsense. All I wanted was to clear the air and stop sitting irritated in the silence.

Anonymous said...

The yawning guy now has a lot to say about you, Mike:

Alex Jowski said...

Yawning guy also closed out his podcast by saying "gay people have it easier than horror fans" which is the most ignorant thing I've heard in years. As a gay person I'm pretty offended by it - but I'm too worn out on this situation to make a big deal out of it.

Dani Carnage said...

Dr Blood is so full of it. All of his dickish behaviour was one on one? I think not, considering he decided to message each of my blogger followers telling them that I am a troll and a homophobe. This is before he leaves alot of inane comments on my blog under a fake account. Then, in one of his "half joking" remarks, he wishes cancer on my wife and children. The insults continued long after I realized he is a nobody who has an obvious problem with his illusions of greatness. I for one am glad to see idiots like him being taken down.

Dr Blood said...

Ah, I wondered when you'd show up. My "stalker"! How about the fact that you started it by leaving 25 argumentative comments on one of blog posts just because we have a difference in taste in horror movies, then went on to call me a "faggot" for listening to certain music on another post, and even though you were banned, you still created false profiles to have another pop at me later? To cap it all, you went to Twitter and followed everybody on my followers list just because I didn't want anything to do with you? How is that for nuisance value? And now you've finally cropped up again to join the pile on. How predictable.

Sticks and stones, Dani. Yes, I've been an idiot on the internet. Yes, I've been an ignorant, insulting dickhead on the internet for many years as I became increasingly swallowed by my own "persona". And yes, this year, I've been on a course of self destruction, arguing with everybody, alienating myself from even my friends, believing the wrong things, jumping to conclusions, until I pissed myself off with my own behaviour.

But you know what? I'm not in 'horror" anymore. I've walked away from the genre and the fanbase. I'm fed up with all the fighting with people I don't even know. It's all words on a screen or people blowing hot air, and I let it get to me.

I can't undo the things I've done and said, but I can change. If it means I have no internet "presence", so much the better. I can make a lot of excuses, but at the end of the day, I have myself to blame for most of it. I should never have started a website, never have started a blog, and should never have got involved in any social networking or cliques. I never wanted to be a "famous writer" or anything, I'm still not, and I never will be. It was a hobby that spiralled out of control.

It takes two to cause an argument, and then the pile-on. All I can do is apologise over my past actions. Whether anybody accepts or rejects is up to them. I can't turn back time. Things happen in the heat of the moment.

This is my last comment on this post. Like I said, if people want to discuss things with me properly they can come to my blog, we'll trade email addresses, and talk it out. I am no longer my "evil" web persona even though I still have to use it for convenience. I can't make anything up to people, but I can only attempt to explain how and why things came to be, and apologise for them.

Anonymous said...

I still want to know how it feels to have Eric Morse call you weak and then hear Derek Young talk about why they had to remove the episode you were on.

Anonymous said...

Yawning guy here. For everyone's knowledge that show was not put out towards Mike yes I mentioned him but only because his rants fueled the cyber-bullying that is happening now. The show was for those of you who are doing the cyberbullying and used Mikes blog as reason for doing it. Grow up and stop being vicious on the net because you have problems in life outside of the net. I mentioned why we pulled the show because it was said we were weak for pullying it and we did not pull it because of us we pulled it to look out for a friend. We don't ever pull shows unless their is ample reason behind it. I can assure you I am not weak and do not back down to bullies. I and all my friends are making a stand on bullies and you will see it soon! Now to Alex I didnt end with the statement I got cut off by blog talk because time for the show was up and I was so into what I was speaking on didnt realize the time. I never meant for it to be offensive and am sorry that it was. The statement I meant to finish with was that its easier today being gay than being an artist in the horror genre as far as bullying is concerned and it is true. Several of my friends who are gay were shocked when I explained the bullying going on over this podcast.Now Mike we have met before and you are an outstanding person in person and I hope you stop letting this internet stuff fill your head and fuel you to act a way I know you wouldn't outside of the net. That being said it was just a fucking show meant for entertainment you dont like it move on. The people who did like it thats why they are our fans. Also for others speculation there are more than 3 members of the wolfpack there are well over a hundred official members of the pack and six of us who run the show. That being said if you wonder yes our show might not be much to you haters but thank you cause just on this alone our numbers have soured throughout the past few weeks and not just on this show so you have helped us grow. Also thank you Mike because your blown up recognition of the show has gained us fans who which have started adding us all on facebook and telling us they have a new found respect for us. So for all of you cyber bullies and haters thank you for pushing us one step closer to our goal. Oh and I have no ill will towards anyone who wants to talk shit to all of you if you need someone to talk to find me you can bash me on the net all you want so you can be with the in crowd and Ill still try to help by being a listening ear to your problems. I have suffered so much bullying in life it no longer bothers me. I will say this though dont view my kindness as a sign of weakness because it takes a stronger man or woman to be kind than it does to bully and hate and those are words right out of my friend Jake the Snake Roberts mouth. So go on enjoy the show cause soon you'll find out who we truly are in this genre and business and when you do Ill still be a nice guy!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that your numbers have soured lately. Hopefully they'll begin to soar soon.

Dani Carnage said...

Again Dr Blood with the lies. No fake profiles were made by me. If they are as you claim, please provide proof, because I can honestly say I didn't use any. I'm not one for having a "mask" on the internet. Everything I type is what I'd say in real life. And I can also guarantee I never called you a "faggot" in any way, shape or form. And my numerous replies were left in reply to your insensitive and misinformed opinions. So much for apologising. I see it's only the bigger people in horror who are going to get that, while the rest of us "little guys" had to suffer your inane and unintelligable rhetoric. You could at least be honest and come clean, but I see you can't even do that. Reap what you have sown Dr Blood, as shall we all.

Anonymous said...

I did mean to put soared not soured my phone changed it and i didnt realize it.

Anonymous said...

Mike I heard you called me a redneck pussy on your facebook page and since you did Im doing another show tonight and challenging you if you got enough cajonás then call into the show and lets settle all this show is a 11 eastern 8 pacific. tonight if you dont call in then all you need to do is drop everything

Mike White said...

Anonymous - I've never called anyone a "redneck pussy," not even in lovemaking. However, I know that getting one's facts straight is really at the heart of the matter so why should I think anyone would bother doing so now?

Anonymous said...

Well Mike I looked and would have been able to find out other than coming on here and asking but you blocked me when I sent you ny kind message now still if you can call in do Im ready to settle this mess so step in my world and lets talk call into the show

Mike White said...

Ah, didn't know that was you, Anonymous.

I block anyone who messages me that can't use punctuation.

I'm sorry but 11PM is past my bed time and I don't want to get onto the phone and start yawning. Plus, I'm a little busy doing some work.

Maybe give me some notice next time and a topic. I'm not one for going on to a show and "riffing".

Anonymous said...

Ok well unblock me add me i like doing things professionally with private messages but was made not to and i never use punctuation when i type messages on my phone cause its older and hard to type on but anyhow how about saturday night 11eastern and topic all this thats going on now and lets discuss ur work when done with it

Mike White said...

Okay, I'll say this a little more plainly: I really have nothing to say to you, nor do I have any interest in hearing more of what you have to say. You had 45 minutes where you spoke to me without interruption. I'm not interested in wasting any more of my time. And, I definitely have no interest in being your friend on Facebook.

I expect another rant soon where I'll be lambasted as being a coward. Alas, I have no plans on listening to any further episodes of The Wolf Pack.

Anonymous said...

Nope ive never called you a coward and i wanted you to come on and speak also i wasnt speaking to you for 45minutes i just spoke to you a couple times either way i never said be my friend on fb i said unblock me cause if ur going to bash me allow me the courtesy of seeing it anyhow i am not and will not bash u but regardless i want us to be civil

Annie Riordan said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else a tad amused by the fact that the ones whining about being cyberbullied on here were the ones doing the cyberbullying to begin with?

Mike White said...

It's not just you, Anne.

Dani Carnage said...

I can't speak for or against Morse (or Morris as he tends to pronounce it) or Derek Young, as I have never heard of either of them outside of the 2 Wolfpack Podcasts I have listened to, but I can certainly vouch for Dr Blood being a cyberbully. That is a fact!

Anonymous said...

Mike - I just listened to the latest Wolf Pack podcast which, of course, isn't about you at all. No, no, perish the thought. This Derek Young guy is off the rails. Name-dropping Jake the Snake and David Hess, doing some freestyle rap, and threatening to take down your server. The funniest part -- as if those weren't enough -- is that the description says that Eric Morse is there and you can hear him clearing his through now and then -- but the fucker doesn't say a word. Mess with the lion and you get the silent treatment.

Anonymous said...

I never mentioned Mike's server pay better attention when you listen. Yes I did mention my mentor David Hess God rest his soul and my friend Jake the Snake. Also that rap wasn't a freestyle it's one that I recorded and have put out. I never once and never will bash or cyber-bully anyone on the net. I do speak my opinions of organizations and people but I would rather spend my time helping people accomplish their dreams than try to tear them down. Finally to Mike I'm offering you the opportunity to come on the show and have a civil conversation with me about all this.

Annie Riordan said...

Look, the simple fact of the matter is that the people you have chosen to associate with and defend were the ones who started the cyberbullying to begin with. A smackdown has been a long time in coming. You can only harass and pester and annoy for so long before your target snaps. The fact that Dr. Blood in particular has the nerve to suggest that he is a victim in all of this is insulting to say the least and a real indicator of his sociopathy.

Anonymous said...

Well I have also sat and watched cyber-bullying start in on them as well. As far as they are concerned in real life and not the internet they both have been real good friends to me and others which is why I stand by them. Also I do believe the crap from this blog and everything else has been pushed for far to long which is why I offered to Mike coming on the show and ending this and hatching it out. I understand that Dr. Blood built an asshole persona but that's all it was a persona the person who held the persona is nothing like it at all. Also there is more than one person that uses the name Dr. Blood and this needs to stop before it gets twisted and spills onto them just cause they use that name. Regardless these aren't people that I just deal with on the net they are people who have been true friends to me with full support and help. That is why outside of this bs and in it they still carry my full respect. I believe it is best said this just needs to end Mike got what he wanted to happen Dr. Blood has walked away from horror completely for good. So that being said this needs to be laid to rest.

Alex Jowski said...

Your clarification of "gay people have it easier" amounts to: "I didn't mean gay people have it easier what I meant to say was that gay people have it easier than horror fans about bullying." You apologized for the statement and then made the exact same statement which negates your apology. The #2 reason people are bullied is because of sexual orientation. ~30% of completed suicides are as a direct result of bullying due to sexual orientation. Violence against LGBT people tend to be more brutal frequently involve rape, torture, mutilation... absolute intent to rub out the human being based upon their sexual orientation." How are words exchanged in a comment thread worse?

Mike never said "drunken redneck pussy" nor did any participant in follow up comments anywhere your show was discussed. If someone did then your issue is with that individual. To berate and namecall everyone else achieves nothing.

You accuse everyone here of being losers, calling them stupid and force an image of crazy people living in basements. You don't know that about anybody but you proceed to mock people for it. This article and susequent comments are people upset with things said and done - not WHO the person is. By taking what was criticism and creating this whole "dont fuck with us" jihad you've become a bullies.

The rap song you present as a message to all is hateful, threatening and violent; issuing in no uncertain terms a statement of "I'm going to kill you." Yet you offer a "branch of peace" to Mike and others just before that. Why are you so forcibly demanding a resolution to a situation YOU created?

Wikipedia defines bullying as "the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception of an imbalance of social or physical power. Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threats, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets." You've all used threats and coercion to impose your point-of-view. You've asked Mike to be on your show, issued with your violent "I'm going to kill you" rap song. Your behavior IS repeated and habitual given that none of you have produced any new content beyond posting threatning links with a "you better listen to this all you haters!" attitude. You've been blocked by people because of your own verbal harassment. Above comments above exemplify verbal harassment from yourself, Morse and Dr Blood. You all have this vendetta against "the horror socials" and accuse anyone who doesn't agree with you of siding with these "horror socialites," lashing out at others because of a perceived social imbalance. Mike, myself and several others above have said many times that we're done with this which has failed to stop you from creating new podcasts one after another, issuing fresh threats and then demanding that we respond. You guys ARE bullies and your statement about "we're standing up to bullying" is laughable given your actions.

If you do have a new influx of listeners from this perhaps you should entertain them. You state that you are an entertainer then why don't you actually entertain; cater to your fans instead of the people who don't like your show. Ton continue down this road will damage your show in the longrun. Sure you have a new boost in listeners but if all you offer is a blind pursuit of imagined bullies then people will lose interest and even the amount of fans you had before will drop off as they tire of this ongoing & pointless topic. Let this die; just drop this whole thing and go back to entertaining, which is what you wanted to do in the first place.

Anonymous said...

In your latest episode dedicated to Mike White, you ask him why he's pushing the issue so hard. What issue are you talking about?

Perhaps you should go back to the original post somewhere up above these comments and read it. I'm seeing a post about the wrong person being identified as the source for the story about Lianne Spiderbaby's plagiarism. Additionally, since the misidentified person was a woman, the two awake hosts of the Wolf Pack podcast piled on about women selling each other out and about the inability of women to direct horror films as part of a general anti-woman attitude.

Is Mike really causing you so much heartache, pain, and drama? Is that because he called you sleepy? Is that cyber bullying? You certainly are quick to throw this term around. Almost as quick you are to start dropping the rhymes with some very violent overtones.

Rather than spending so much time attacking Mike, maybe you should take some time to apologize to BJ Colangelo.

You say you'd be honored to be bashed. Do you really mean it? It doesn't seem like it as you can't even take one simple blog post that points out inaccurate statements and shitty attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Ok first I will say sorry BJ got brought in this mess. Mike needs to as well since we never really said her name as Mike put her name in correcting our name we said. Next Alex I said horror artists trying to make it notfans. However you are right and I am sorry I offended you. Third I am not speaking of me being cyberbullied I am talking to all cyberbullies in particular just happen to mention all this with it. My show just bounces with all of it. Also my rap was not a threaz at all if ypu listen I said here is a rap I did since you all might not think I can. Anyhow as far as this all is concerned I can take it but I also stand up when things are wrong and the way this is all going on my friend didnt need to go this far. Also if you listen I never attacked mike and if you should know before I ever posted here I messaged him trying to talk to him just him and I. In the message I told him it was nice to make his aquaintance and that I liked his site and blog and he blocked me with no response. I want him to speak with me without this caus I wanna see his intentions. Anyhow again to Alex and anyone I offended I am sorry.
Finally since we all are in agreement this needs to stop then how about Mike and everyone involved be sure to stop it as well.

Alex Jowski said...

You and Dr Blood have both claimed that you don't owe BJ Colangelo an apology because you didn't mention her by name. Have you not listened to your own show? Included in the show (posted above) as well as the first clip posted above:

MORSE: Doctor Blood left me a note... about who the whistleblower was in regards to Lianne Spiderbaby. And it is funny as shit... because we talk about Women in Horror put out this bullshit just like the Soskas and just like all the others - bullshit PR carp. We're sisters. We wouldn't dare stab each other in the back. We're united in our feminity and we're sisters and all this. Right, ladies? Right? Give me a fucking break. They're a bunch of bitches who go and fuckin stab each other in the back. Here is who went and stabbed Lianne Spiderbaby in the back. Put out her crap for everyone to hear. It was BJ, uh, Colag- uh Cola- uh from day of the Women blog.

Yes you directly accused her of being the Spiderbaby source. Just accept that you guys did that and move on.

Dani Carnage said...

I don't believe for one second Dean (Dr Blood) Charles was using an "Internet persona". Why would he feel the need to dedicate an entire blogpost headed with a picture of my face, with about 300 words belittling and insulting me? Why would someone who is portraying an "internet persona" wish cancer on someones wife and kids (he actually said he hopes they die screaming of cancer). This is cyberbullying, whether you have the balls to admit it or not. Just because a person treats you with respect, it does not mean they treat others the same way. I see so many accusations being thrown here, but as an outsider, and as someone who has listened to a couple of wolfpack podcasts, I don't and cannot understand why there is so much hate thrown at women. The podcasts sound like they are done by three guys who have been rejected by every woman they have ever taken a fancy to. These insults have no place in horror, and these stone age opinions need to be buried, and the people spouting them be further educated in equality of the sexes. Never have I read so many replies by people who are so blind as to what their words mean. Morse, Charles and Young all come across as threatening cry babies who find it impossible to even dream they could do any wrong. Just sit back and look from the outside, because where I am sitting, there are only 3 people here that are trying to bully people into a different way of thinking. Don't you think that we have a right to be angry/create an uproar when something so derogatory and hate filled is broadcast under the guise of so called horror fans? If Morse, Charles and Young represent the pinnacle of horror fans (something which I am sure they believe they do) then I would never wish to be involved in a genre which involves such small minded idiots.

Dani Carnage said...

Oh, and one more thing. I am a relatively new blogger. I approached the Soska sisters for an interview. Sylvia wrote back, and said they would love for me to interview them, but they had a busy schedule so ut might take them a while to get back to me. It took a matter of weeks, and I got the interview back. No messages from agents or any of that bullshit. They are no where near the people Eric Morse portrays them as. And all this because they didn't wish him happy birthday. I must say though, its the basis for a great horror film. Writer of teen fiction Eric Morse wasn't wished a happy birthday by the Soskas. This upset Eric so much, he picked up his pen and began a killing spree to make the soskas wish him a "happy birthday"...if it's the last thing they do.

Anonymous said...

Ok let me state I never said anyones name but I already said I was sorry that BJ was brought into this. Secondly Dani Im married and have never had a problem with women. I love alot of women writers and directors. I just dont love thevmajority that are part pf wihm mainley cause Ive seen the same trend over and ovet from the organizations members. Also for a group that cares so much about wih they are slow to help out or stand up for women not in their clique. As far as Soskas its not them not wishing Eric a Happy bday its the fact of him giving them their first interview ever and then them screwing him over on his bday. Finally I did say lets end this all parties so lets do so. Again thank you all for letting me talk with you civil and to apologize and try to set things on a different course. Again hope this all can end now and see you in the movies.

Anonymous said...

Also im not just a horror fan. Im a horror artist/creator.

Mike White said...

Dear Anonymous,

First off, let me make you aware that there are other ways of communicating apart from Facebook. As I mentioned above (and will repeat), when you messaged me via Facebook, I didn't even realize it was you. I went back and dug up the message:

>>Glad to make ur aquaintance btw like ur site and blog and also if u pay attention the show wasnt a voicemail 4 u just mentioned u but i did not knock u just the ppl who used ur blog to their advantage to do some cyberbullying<<

Suffice it to say, I've had emails from deposed Nigerian princes that have been better written and than that. I got as far as the "ur aquaintance btw like ur site" and marked it as spam and blocked you.

Regardless, I have absolutely no desire to engage in a private discussion with you, or a public one on your podcast. Hell, though I enjoy the transparency of discussion via this thread, I have no desire to continue entertaining your thoughts or comments as it's fairly obvious as there seems to be some problem in communication going on here. I'm not the only one who apparently has misconstrued your comments and recent podcast episodes.

Why did I originally post about your podcast? If you haven't read the post, I will restate it in simpler terms: I was offended by the rampant sexism in the episode as well as the incorrect identification of the source of the Lianne Spiderbaby story. Simple as that.

The Lianne Spiderbaby Scandal brought to fore a lot of the inherit sexism in the horror community and your podcast really exemplified everything that I had said. Via Twitter, Dr. Blood had nearly convinced me that the episode was a parody gone awry. I was *almost* ready to believe this between your yawning, Dr. Blood's bloated self-importance, and Eric's... everything. However, Dr. Bloods subsequent Twitter attack cemented that there was nothing funny -- intentionally funny -- about the show.

I encourage you to go back to the episode -- the one you deleted -- and listen around the 48 minute mark and you'll hear BJ being named as the source. Perhaps you nodded off during that part. I would say that I look forward to reading your apology -- or Dr. Blood's -- Or Eric Morse's -- or William Pattison's.... But I would be lying as I don't look forward to reading or hearing any more of what you have to say.

If you dedicate another episode of your show to me, I can assure you that I won't be listening.

As I had to do with the Spiderbaby post, I'm afraid I'll have to turn off anonymous comments in order to discourage you from continuing to belabor points that were asked and answered well before you decided to jump into the fray.

Best of luck to you in your movie and rap career. One word of advice would be to let folks know the name of your record and film as this might encourage your fanbase to purchase them.

And, with that, I will not entertain any more of your posts. Please, feel free to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I think Eric Morse thinks that facebook friendships are real. After all... friendship is magic.

doctorcarnage said...

So you and Eric believe Jen and Sylvia Soska owe him something because he gave them their first interview? That isn't how the world works. I would understand if he contracted them or paid them for their first interview. I haven't got anything for any of the interviews I have done, apart from feeling like I have put people across who I believe are making a difference in music and movies. Supporting the scene doesn't mean giving people things so they give you things in return. That is an incredibly misinformed and childish way to behave. Seriously.

Mike White said...

I was just going through the comments here because that Derek Young guy kept talking about all of the cyberbullying going on here. Frankly, I'm not seeing it. Other than the posts of Eric Morse from his own Facebook page and some young British kid who may or may not be Dr. Blood, I think things were rather civil. Not bullying at all. But, maybe I'm wrong or maybe those guys are oversensitive since every member of the Wolf Pack has been the victim of bullying.

If you want to know more, I highly recommend that you check out William Morse's blog:

Lord Dixie said...

Eric Morse is the biggest joke in horror. His blog is both sad and hilarious as he blames anyone and everyone for the fact he isn't famous, He mostly attacks women and his whole problem with the Soska sisters is because they wouldn't be on his birthday podcast. He "put his boot up people's ass" by blocking them on Facebook.

Lord Dixie said...

Derek Young is Eric Morse's best friend (other than his sister) and the only reason he has acting credits. He's another burr on the ass of the horror community, and one of the spammiest people you will run across

doctorcarnage said...

I think everyone has been a victim of bullying at some time in their life. Be it in real life circumstances, or over the internet. All this hatred and namecalling coming from the Wolfpack members just shows that anyone can feel superior behind a keyboard. They are trying to garner sympathy for themselves, all the time labelling everyone who thinks differently a cyberbully or a troll. I am glad to see the horror community is wise enough to see through their thinly veiled bullying and sexist rants. The horror community should be social. Just because these three people never got accepted isn't anyones fault but their own. As I said before, they will all reap what they sew, and if they carry on in this way, will soon disappear up their own rectums.

doctorcarnage said...

I have been blocked by Eric Morris (He still seems unable to pronounce Morse) for confronting his Soska vendetta. Apparently, he has a zero tolerance on discussing that subject. What that means, is that he can rattle off all the hate, venom etc he wants at the Soskas. But anyone defending them or disagreeing with his "stories" will instantly be blocked. This lion is clawless, spineless and obsessed with his inability to achieve infamy through his own work, so has to use people he speaks to on the net (his "friends") to try and claw back some kind of name for himself.

Rebekah Herzberg said...

Oh boy. I just do not have the time to read all those comments. I can say that Dr. Blood and I had disagreements in the past but he came to me directly to apologize and I appreciated it. What can I say, I do believe there is good in everyone and I just want all the horror lovers to hold hands and sing some awesome Journey-s tunes. I'd like to give him a chance and see if he maintains a healthy online relationship with the lot of us. Eric Mirse, or whatever his name is, has proved time and again that he's a joke that's one of the most disgusting excuses for a grown man, I have ever seen.

I'm sick of reading about how cyberbullies and trolls cry about hoe they're tge ones who have been bullied. Who do they think they're fooling? Grow up and spend more time promoting the things you love instead of th e things you hate.

Pardon my typos. This phone sucks.

doctorcarnage said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. As for Dr Blood, I am still yet to receive an apology, and I am not holding out for one either.

doctorcarnage said...

I would just like to make everyone aware of something. Dr Blood is apparently telling people that he is suicidal because of a blogpost myself, Annie and Mike White wrote about him labelling him as a pedophile. I would like to give Dr Blood the chance to direct everyone to this post that does not exist, because I for one would love to find out who is using my name and wasting their time writing about him. Although I am very sure that won't happen, because the post doesn't exist, nor would it ever exist, as I wouldn't want to fill my blog with any sort of negativity.

doctorcarnage said...

After communicating with Dr Blood, and attempting to contact the person who informed me that Dr Blood was suicidal, it has become apparent that it isn't true. I would like to apologise to Dr Blood, and I will be sure in the future to get both sides of the story before running with it. I let Dr Blood's reputation cloud my judgement, and again, for that I apologise.

Mike White said...

No problem. I figured it was more of his trying to get attention.

doctorcarnage said...

I would like to clarify, Dr Blood DID NOT mention anything about me, Mike White or Annie. It appears I have fallen victim to someone willing to create drama where there is none. To be told "I don't care" by the person who informed me of Dr Blood being suicidal, speaks volumes.

Rebekah Herzberg said...

I'm afraid he did Dani. I sent you screen caps because you asked. I responded with "I don't care" because after I got out of the hospital, I kept receiving messages about Dr Blood and Eric Morse and I didn't care to spend anytime involved with any of this. Funny how people can turn things around in an instant with one comment when they're too sick to deal with "internet drama." Have fun reading your screen caps.

doctorcarnage said...

I have read the screen caps. While it does say Dr Blood is feeling suicidal, he states it is because of the drama going on on here, and not because of me. There is also no mention of a co-written blog between me, Mike and Annie. This is the last post I will make regarding this, as I feel I have been dragged into something that doesn't even involve me, and i am certainly not one for internet drama.

Mike White said...

Yeah, this all feels like a tempest in a tea pot. After all the hateful things that Dr. Blood has said, I would say that my amount of sympathy for him is about nil.

Mike White said...

It's really read to read this and compare it against what was actually said on the "Isn't It Funky" blog:

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