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UK Journal: Things Coming Together

August 1st

The first day of August. El primero de agusto.

8/1/89 - USA
1-8-89 - UK

Tonight is the play. Today what do I do? Nothing. So far.

I miss my friends. Here, though, I believe that I have found three friends; Jimmy, Kevin & Michelle [Spoiler alert: After getting back from the UK, I'd not really hear from Jimmy or Kevin again. I'd see Michelle a few more times and eventually be acquaintances on Facebook].

But, not unlike Riverview, they're all busy or sleeping. It seems all too familiar. If I was back in the good old USA I'd probably be in the same situation, but in a much less interesting part of the world.

Fran says that we don't have to get dressed up for tonight but I am -- my new coat and shoes.

At Camden I bought a bootleg P.i.L. tape. It's really good.

I have to buy:
A postcard for Tina
A new leather bracelet
Those Siouxsie 45s

When I think about it, Tina was probably the best thing that's happened to me. I think that if we could get together in about six months, she and I would be more mature and have a better relationship. But, I think that I need a change. I need to go out with some new / different girls. But who? And how?

[Poor Tina. This whole time and she only garnered nary a mention until this entry and here I am talking about wanting to dump her. And I know I wanted to hook up with Natasha (for a bit) and then Michelle. This was years before I would have said, "What happens in England stays in England."

If it makes you, dear reader, feel better.... Tina would eventually cheat on me with one of her co-workers and dump my ass. It was probably shortly after I got home. Obviously I wasn't a very attentive boyfriend.

Notice that I was feeling lukewarm about Natasha and then got really angry when I found her drunk in that hotel room in Paris. I have a real problem being around people who are drunk when I'm not drunk. I think that stems from my step-dad's alcoholism. He was such an asshole when he was drunk.

Then notice, too, that I'm attracted to Michelle despite her having a boyfriend. Then I ask myself, "Or was it because she had a boyfriend?" I always had these crushes on girls in my life who were taken: Stephanie, Aimee, Michelle, etc. I think I was in love with longing.]

[A note from Michelle in my notebook:]

Dear Mike,

Host Mothers Suck Flexible Dildos!

Here we are, Mike, in the capitalist country of England. Money for bathroom, glasses, seats, and water. Worst of all, money to see nude, fat women. That just ain't worth it, no sir ree [sic]. Hello all of Mike's friends that read this. It's no use to tell Fran shit and expect to get results. The only answer you might ask? Get the "Please Mind Your Head" posse after that right cunt. Show her what's up. I'll check in later. You're discussing the flexibility of Jimmy's nose compared to the face in which he hit the pole.

Michelle Superstar

[I don't remember Fran being bad at all but apparently Michelle had a problem with her!]

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