Thursday, September 23, 2010

State of Indy Film Review

What: State of Indy Film Review Panel
When:Saturday September 25 - 2:30 PM
Where:B-Movie Classroom 1, Franklin, Indiana
Who: Mike White, Jason Payne, Justin Bozung, Richard Edwards and more*

A look at the present state of Indy Film criticism; not indie films but the indie folks that review them. This panel of zinesters, bloggers, and podcasters will discuss the fodder they review, the way they deal with their outsider status, the DIY aesthetic, and what motivates them (and leagues of others) to dedicate so much time to the movies.

Justin Bozung is the head honcho at Jason Payne is the co-founder of the Gutmunchers podcast ( Richard Edwards comprises half of the "Clute & Edwards" team behind the Behind the Black Mask and Out of the Past podcasts. Mike White is the founder/editor of the zine Cashiers du Cinemart (

The panel takes place at the B-Movie Celebration in Franklin, Indiana which runs from September 24-26, 2010.

*We're currently looking for fellow zinesters/bloggers/podcasters to join the panel discussion. Please leave a comment on this post if you're hip to it!

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Joe Shearer said...

My name is Joe Shearer, and I'm a local indy movie critic. I might be interested attending this panel, and might be able to bring a friend or two of mine from the Indiana Film Journalists Association with me.

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