Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello, Cleveland?

Despite my better efforts, I've not gotten a whole lot of response and support for my upcoming event in Cleveland, OH (with the big exception of the Cleveland Movie Blog). I will be at Visible Voice Books at 7PM on Saturday, October 2, 2010.

So far I know of exactly one person that's going to be at Visible Voice besides me. If no one else shows up, at least I know I'll have fun chewing the fat with author Wred Fright.

During the day I'll be at Cinema Wasteland. Not as a presenter or dealer but as an attendee. I'm hoping to give Herschell Gordon Lewis his copy of Impossibly Funky since he was kind enough to pen the introduction for me.

If folks attending Cinema Wasteland are interested in coming by Visible Voice in the evening, here's a map from one location to the other (approximately a 22 minute drive):

RSVP on Facebook if you're into that kind of thing.


Wred Fright said...

If you booked the reading the same day as Cinema Wasteland, you're a genius! If not, you're very lucky! Good timing!

Wred Fright said...

"deliberately" is missing from that last post--it should go after "Wasteland". It got scared when I mentioned "Cinema Wasteland" because of all the scary movies there. It's a nervous word, I'm afraid; it prefers Disney G-rated flicks.

Mike White said...

Was blind luck. I just hope I can get some folks to travel the 22 minutes to Visible Voice. Maybe I should also mention that it's pretty close to a killer cupcake and cookie shop.

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