Friday, August 29, 2008

Toronto International Film Festival 2008 - Rough Schedule

It never fails.

Hours... even days (!) go by without anything that I really want to see. And then there's just a glut of films all starting at the same time or a half hour apart.

It then becomes my task to sort out the mess -- trying to find films to fill the holes and then deciding, "Will I be able to see this in a mainstream theater back home in a few months? Will this be on DVD in Malaysia in a few weeks? Has this director let me down before?"

That said, here's my very rough schedule for Toronto. There are still a few holes to fill and still a few times that I need to eliminate. This definitely doesn't accurately express everything I want to see at TIFF08!

Pre-Festival Pick
Either Hamlet 2 or The House Bunny

September 4, 2008
RocknRolla9:00 AMVARSITY 8
Ghost Town2:30 PMVARSITY 8
Two-Legged Horse4:00 PMVARSITY 2
Paranoids8:00 PMVARSITY 5

September 5, 2008
Good, the Bad, the Weird11:15 AMVARSITY 1
Krabat2:30 PMVARSITY 4
Witch Hunt5:00 PMVARSITY 7
Edison & Leo7:45 PMVARSITY 7

September 6, 2008
7915 KM2:45 PMVARSITY 5
Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms5:15 PMVARSITY 5
Empreinte de l'ange6:15 PMVARSITY 2

September 7, 2008
Me and Orson Welles10:00 AMAMC 2
Deadgirl1:15 PMAMC 10
Plastic City3:45 PMAMC 10
Good 6:00 PMVARSITY 3
Peace Mission7:45 PMVARSITY VIP 3

September 8, 2008
Adam Resurrected9:00 AMVARSITY 6
Brothers Bloom10:00 AMCUMBERLAND 3
Dungeon Masters12:00 PMVARSITY VIP 3
Burrowers3:15 PMVARSITY 4
Sauna4:45 PMVARSITY 6
Detroit Metal City7:45 PMVARSITY 5

September 9, 2008
American Swing9:15 AMVARSITY 8
Hurt Locker12:00 PMCUMBERLAND 3
Martyrs3:15 PMVARSITY 3
Acolytes3:45 PMVARSITY 2
Religulous5:45 PMVARSITY 3

September 10, 2008
Not Quite Hollywood9:00 AMCUMBERLAND 4
Sexykiller12:15 PMVARSITY 2


Ed said...

Man, I'd love to go to one of these festivals some day. I see they're showing Ed Harris' Appaloosa. I'd see that if I were there.

Have fun.

Mike White said...

It is there, but it's playing too close to "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" to make. I have a feeling Appaloosa will come to theaters while the Korean film...

Ed said...

And I can't believe you're not seeing The Wrestler.

The Christopher Walken film, $5 a Day , filmed a scene here in Jenkintown at our IHOP, so I'd like to see that (and it IS Walken).

Here's my list of TIFF stuff I'd really like to see:


The Wrestler



Me and Orson Welles


Harvard Beats Yale 29-29

It Might Get Loud


Dean Spanley

Flame & Citron
Flammen & Citronen

$5 a Day

The Ghost



Real Time

The Duchess


Cooper's Camera

Miracle at St. Anna

The Hurt Locker

The Narrows


El Cant dels Ocells

Pride and Glory

The Dungeon Masters

The Burrowers


Now all I need is a plane ticket and some time to burn.

Unknown said...

I already saw GHOST TOWN. I didn't like it. I don't have my schedule handy, but I had the same problem of too many films I want to see showing at the same time, but then there's other times where there's nothing I want to see.

Mike White said...

There are a bunch of movies that I'm not seeing on the P/I schedule and The Wrestler is one of those. I'm not pleased. I may have to wait until I get the proper schedule booklet on Wednesday before I settle on what I'm seeing and when.

Mike White said...

I found out the problem. There's a secondary schedule called "Priority Press." I'm not sure what that entails.

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