Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More on Shoot the Piano Player

Michael Guillen of The Evening Class graciously reprinted the notes from which I worked on Saturday night in my introduction for Shoot the Piano Player. You can find them here. (I was determined not to read anything but talk through things instead, meaning that I derivated quite a bit from my notes but they provided a good way for me to collect my thoughts beforehand.)

Thanks, Michael!


Michael Guillen said...

Thank you, Mike, for generously providing your notes. It was interesting to compare them with your spoken address. You did a great job of, not only hitting each point of importance, but delivering them in an informal, accessible manner. As the proverbial audience member, I thank you for taking the time to do that. It kept the energy open between you and your audience.

On a side note, I was reading at Cinemarts that the Midnight Madness sidebar is one of your favorites at Toronto. Will you be attending this year? I just got accredited yesterday (in the 11th hour!) so I will definitely be around, though I tend to let Todd Brown cover Midnight Madness while I zoom in on the Discovery and Masters titles.

Mike White said...

Yupper, I'm counting down to TIFF 08. I'll be there Sept 3-10. Hope to run into you at a screening or two. We should grab some Korean BBQ or Okonomiyaki one evening.

Knowing how anal I am, I'll probably be posting my schedule / picks as soon as I make 'em. That the Press/Industry schedule doesn't post until 8/29 doesn't help!

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