Monday, August 11, 2008

Anything Vous can do, Moi can do better...

Someone call the police! I just found out that there's a crime wave happening in New York City!

From August 8 to September 11, the city of New York will be victim to rabid French criminals. All activity is centered on the Film Forum at 209 West Houston. There victims will succumb to masterful works ranging from Riptide to Muderous Maids with no end of nefarious characters in between. For the full schedule click here.

Again, I bemoan that when I was in NYC earlier this year it was a fucking Godard retrospective--not something you could pay me to attend--but here's a whole group of films that I'd love to see on the big screen (with the exception of Breathless, Band of Outsiders and Pierrot Le Fou, of course), especially the Melvilles (Bob Le Flambeur, Un Flic, Le Circle Rouge, Le Doulos)! And, guaranteed, it's going to be the same lovely print of Shoot The Piano Player recently shown at the Goodis film series at BAM/PFA.

How I wish I was in New York for these six weeks, enjoying the gunplay and heroic bloodshed!

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