Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Figuring Out TIFF

The first day in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival is always a crazed one for me. I run around the city, checking into my hotel, picking up my press pass, and plunking my butt down with the Press/Industry schedule and the big, honkin' programme book to juggle a slate of "must sees", "sounds goods", and "hrm, I guesses".

In order to make this September 3rd task a little easier, I've been trying to sort through the TIFF website and came up with this rough list of some titles I am most likely going to see (if the schedule permits):

  • Acolytes (Jon Hewitt)
  • American Swing (Mathew Kaufman and Jon Hart, USA)
  • Appaloosa (Ed Harris, USA)
  • Blind Loves (Juraj Lehotský, Slovakia)
  • Burrowers, The (J.T. Petty)
  • Chocolate (Prachya Pinkaew)
  • Deadgirl (Marcel Sarmiento Gadi Harel)
  • Detroit Metal City (Toshio Lee)
  • Dungeon Masters, The (Keven McAlester, USA)
  • Eden Log (Franck Vestiel)
  • Fear Me Not (Kristian Levring, Denmark)
  • Ghost Town (David Koepp, USA)
  • Good, The Bad, The Weird, The (Kim Jee-woon, South Korea)
  • In the Shadow of the Naga Phawat (Panangkasiri, Thailand)
  • JCVD (Mabrouk El Mechri)
  • Martyrs (Pascal Laugier)
  • Not Quite Hollywood (Mark Hartley)
  • Rachel Getting Married (Jonathan Demme, USA)
  • RocknRolla (Guy Ritchie, United Kingdom)
  • Secret Life of Bees (Gina Prince-Bythewood, USA)
  • Sexykiller (Miguel Martí)
  • Tony Manero (Pablo Larraín, Chile/Brazil)

If anyone has any early feedback about these or any other TIFF flicks, please drop a comment bomb.

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