Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hey Drew!

I'm not one to get really political but I made an online petition in hopes that Drew Barrymore uses the song "Roller Derby Saved My Soul" by Uncle Leon & The Alibis for her upcoming film, Whip It!.

An adaptation of roller derby memoir Derby Girl by Shauna Cross (AKA Maggie Mayhem), this movie needs Uncle Leon's catchy tune. That the movie's being shot in Ann Arbor, a stone's throw from where Uncle Leon grew up and went to college, is another good tie-in.

Please take a few minutes and sign the petition. Your email address is a required field but it is not visible to anyone nor will it be used for marketing (or so Petition Online promises).


Anonymous said...

SO TRUE....It NEEDS to be the song! There isn't another song out there that would work! LEON! That video was awesome! Michigan pride, man! You could be totally IN! I signed the petition, #43 baby! Keep the numbers growing! I want to hear Uncle Leon!!!

Anonymous said...

CHICK FIGHT by the LA Derby Dolls' favorite band - CHUM - needs to be in there too.

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