Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Going Through Old VHS Tapes...

I've been spending a few hours every night going through old VHS tapes, trying to find a couple of specific clips. Tough to do when these tapes are unlabeled (or mislabeled) and just chocked full of junk. Good junk, yes, but junk nonetheless.

You can be certain that I'll be posting clips here and there from these tapes as they come along. Usually to my Facebook but sometimes here.

The following is a little video made by some folks at Trenton High School, "Bright Lights, Big Screens," a mini movie review show that may have lasted one episode. The glory of public access is in full effect here. It's great, though, to hear what was playing at the Star Theater that week (some real winners) and see my buddy Mitch in his Star Theater uniform. Note the number of times he says "state of the art." :)

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Anonymous said...

Silence of the Lambs was a high-packed action drama. :)

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