Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Chesney Tape

Sometimes it's good that I'm OCD.

A few weeks back I sat down and started digitizing the large pile of vinyl I had accumulated over the last year or two. Things that I wanted to hear but couldn't find online in any fashion -- legal or not. I converted these over to my laptop (all of them listed here) and then got to thinking about finally hooking up a cassette player to my laptop and capturing some of the old mix tapes I used to make.

Rather than indulging in my own work, the first tape I grabbed was one labeled "ROCK" on one side and "ROLL" on the other. It didn't necessarily "change my life" but it definitely broadened my musical horizons -- as it was meant to do. It was a mix tape that a good friend of mine made for me, by my request if I recall correctly.

My old pal, Steve Chesney, had put together a group of roughly thirty songs along with sound clips and other audio experiments that delighted me for years -- until cars started coming without cassette players as standard equipment.

Now, if you know me, you know it wasn't good enough to just transfer over the raw cassette, break it into tracks, and call it a day. No. The sound quality wasn't sufficient for me. Likewise, I had no idea what a lot of these songs were in terms of title or artist. I wanted to upgrade everything to "digital quality". Thus began my search to re-make the tape as a collection of mp3s.

This endeavor shouldn't have been as painstaking as it was but, being who/what I am, I culled all of the tracks from the internet, turning to Steve on occasion to describe a song when I couldn't find it via the iPhone Shazam app, a lyric search, etc. More than just the music, I re-captured a lot of the audio soundclips from the movies Steve used as between-song breaks. Luckily, most of these were from two sources; The Mack and Orgy of the Dead, sometimes both at once.

That said, here's the full track listing:

Criswell Demands EntertainmentCriswellOrgy of the Dead
The Greatest Man AliveThree Times DopeOriginal Stylin'
EntrapmentNaked RaygunUnderstand?
Pastoral NightmareSoundclipRock / Roll
Hot ThingGaye Bykers on AcidStewed to the Gills
Happy BirthdayAltered ImagesNew Wave Classics
Woodpecker From MarsFaith No MoreThe Real Thing
Criswell Meets The MackChesney TapeOrgy of the Mack
7 Chinese Bros.R.E.M.Reckoning
Run's HouseRun-D.M.C.Ultimate Run DMC
Message In a BottleExcelThe Joke's On You
WormsDark AngelLeave Scars
Mountain Surf Report (from "The Movie")M.O.D.Surfin' M.O.D.
Cheeba CheebaTone Loc Loc-ed After Dark
Banned In D.C.Bad BrainsRock For Light
Grandma Dynamite24-7 SpyzHarder Than You
The Player's BBQThe MackThe Mack
I Go To WorkKool Moe DeeThe Posse Soundtrack
You Hurry Up!The MackThe Mack
Sometime To ReturnSoul AsylumHang Time
Wildflower CommercialCar WashCar Wash
Gene Machine/Don't Bother MeBad BrainsQuickness
It's The Noise That Bothers Me!SoundclipRock / Roll
American NightmareThe MisfitsLegacy of Brutality
I Wanna Be A FlintstoneScreaming Blue MessiahsThe Flintstones
The Mack Daddy On The LeftDe La Soul3 Feet High And Rising
It's A Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)FishboneIn Your Face
Rock 'N' Roll High SchoolThe RamonesEnd of the Century
Fucked by the Devil45 GraveOnly the Good Die Young
WaitingNew Model ArmyAll Of This: The "Live" Rarities
The Unknown KnowsVoivodNothingface
Ballad Of The Green BeretsElvis HitlerHellbilly
Don't Let's StartThey Might Be GiantsThen (Disc 1)

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