Monday, February 12, 2007

Though I Hate Rob Gordon...

I hate Rob Gordon. That was the main character of HIGH FIDELITY (Stephen Frears, 2000). His constant categorization and list-making seemed to limit his mind rather than open it to embracing new ideas. Besides that, as played by John Cusack he was completely obnoxious.

That said, I've taken on kind of an odd task. After my recent rant about "Developmentaly Disabled Cinema", I was contacted by Rather than yelling at me for going off on their "Top Ten Movie Retards" list, I was asked if I'd be interested in contributing to their site.

So, now I've become something of a listmaker. I've been carrying around my notebook and jotting down film titles like mad under strange labels. I'll keep those under my hat for the moment in the hopes that I actually get to sign off on them. But, don't be surprised if I do some bizaree little polls as I try to suss out things like "What are the top ten worst films that Nicholas Cage has starred in?"

For the record, here's a quick list:
Nicolas Cage
  1. The Wicker Man (see video below)
  2. The Weather Man
  3. 8mm
  4. Leaving Las Vegas
  5. Kiss of Death
  6. It Could Happen to You
  7. Guarding Tess
  8. Amos & Andrew
  9. Windtalkers
  10. Lord of War

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