Monday, February 19, 2007

Area of No Expertise

I've not done my research. I wouldn't know a megapixel from a megaphone. Yet, I'm interested in getting a digital camera. I've seen some of the great pictures taken by friends with their slick little digital cameras and how much better they look than the shots taken by my cheesey little camera phone.

So, I turn to you -- the two or three people who read my blog -- and ask for a recommendation on an inexpensive but reliable digital camera. I'll be mostly using it for taking tourist shots ("Holiday, eh? Holiday? Nudge nudge wink wink snap snap dream dream say no more!") and the like.

Thanks in advance!

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Karl said...

Look at some Canon cameras like the Canon PowerShot A640. Their not bad, and Canon's service is really quite good.

If that's too pricey look at some Kodak digital cameras. Their not bad, and some are quite potable.

Hope this helps.

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