Friday, February 23, 2007

Cashiers, no, wait, Cahiers...

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Les Cahiers du cinema announces its entry into the 21st century with a test issue (in both English and French) of its paper edition now made available on line. As of March, the entire contents of future editions will be translated into English. The "flip the page" format may be a bit clumsy, but having another authoritative voice on film with a distinctly different viewpoint is welcome news nonetheless. The following is a statement from the editors:

Dear friends, We invite you to discover the "issue zero" of e-Cahiers du cinema . The "e" stands for "electronic" as well as for "English"... The March 2007 issue will be the first to be published simultaneously in French on paper and, in its entirety, in English at This issue will arrive on newstands on March 7 and on line on March 9. This double evolution of Les Cahiers (the paper magazine plus the magazine on line, the French magazine plus the English edition) comes in response to the two great movements of our times, toward digital distribution and toward the globalization of the media...To publish in English, of course, is a way of reaching a large number of new readers, but we hope it will also be a way of making a different voice heard in the world -- a way of proposing a fresh, rigorous and contemporary approach to the cinema and its place in present-day culture.

This is sure to mean that there will be even more confusion about the title of Cashiers du Cinemart now that Cahiers du Cinema is back to being a viable publication. It's called parody people! LOL.

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