Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ready for My Sophomore Slump

June is turning out to be quite a noir month for me. I've been working on research for July when I'm going to be a guest on Out of the Past, my favorite podcast. The episode won't be broadcast until August at the earliest. I'll be talking to hosts Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards about one of my favorite films, Jean-Pierre Melville's Bob Le Flambeur.

While I'm working on that, I'm also studying up on Francois Truffaut's Shoot the Piano Player for my introduction of it at the David Goodis film series at UC Berkeley.

Max & the JunkmenOther French crime films dotting my horizon are Un Flic and Max & The Junkmen - both out on DVD in July (Un Flic for the second time, Max for the first time with English subtitles). I'm hoping to review both of these for the Detroit Metro Times.

All is not French for me, however, as I'm starting research for an interview with Crispin Hellion Glover - I finally managed to get a "yes" from Mr. Glover and I'm working at watching and rewatching as many of his flicks as I can. The one that I need to get my hands on, Jeremy Kasten's Wizard of Gore, is critical as I'm aiming to get this interview out to tie in with that flick's DVD release in August. So far I've had no luck getting a screener of the film or getting a response from anyone who might be able to provide one.

I keep playing with the idea of trying to actually get the Cashiers du Cinemart Book published by a "real" publisher. You know; query letter, book proposal, the whole bit. I've also been toying with the idea of another book due to my dissatisfaction with a recent read. As I read a book (that will remain unnamed for now) I realized, "Heck, I can write something better than this." I don't usually have that kind of ego, so maybe there's something to that. I'm ready for my sophomore slump.

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