Friday, June 20, 2008

Consider Yourself Teased

I had to revisit this "teaser" trailer for THE INCREDIBLE HULK. I thought that psychiatrist character, Dr. Samson (Ty Burrell), had a bigger role at one point. He's prominently displayed at the beginning of the following trailer.

BTW, for a "teaser," this doesn't leave much to the imagination. Showing The Abomination was probably a mistake but I'm sure there were a lot of marketing challenges when trying to recover from the failed Ang Lee abomination of 2003.


Skizz said...

Why does the Abomination run past Zanzibar twice?

Mike White said...

Same reason it runs past Sam the Record Man a few times. That sign is iconic to Toronto folks as "The Apollo" is to Harlem natives. Dressing up Toronto to play another town (Baltimore?) really needs to be done better.

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