Sunday, June 01, 2008

Only In New York

Just getting back from NYC where I did my best to play tourist. I took Andrea on a bus tour of the city, we went to a Broadway show (Avenue Q - tried to see it in Vegas before Sin City sent it packing but missed it), and even went to Ellis Island.

The best part of the trip had to be hooking up with Megan Abbott and Jason Starr for drinks followed by dinner and bullshitting with my old buddy Leon Chase. It was great seeing him after so many years.

The best and worst part of the trip had to be the initial leg of our bus tour where we were entertained/flabbergasted by our tour guide, Scotty. He didn't tell us anything that we didn't know already and he did so in an incredibly painful manner. He was a stutterer.

"You guys, you guys, you guys, over here, you guys, over here, this is the Empire, you guys, over here, this is the Empire State Building, right up here, you guys." And so it went from 47th and Broadway all the way to the Flatiron building when we stopped for a Jamba Juice and the safety of another tour guide. We hopped on and off the Greyline for the next couple of days (tickets were valid for 48 hours) and never had the displeasure of Scotty again, thank goodness.

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