Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Be Nice to Nic Cage (Again)

I caught the clip below over at Filmopia and now my head hurts.

Nic Cage stars in the remake of Bangkok Dangerous. The original is a blatant rip-off of John Woo's The Killer (which Woo admits is inspired by Le Samourai) with a "twist" that the main character isn't just a quiet assassin, he's mute (and deaf). That bit seems to have been thrown away for the American-backed remake to allow for Cage to emote via the only way he knows how--screaming, blathering, and generally carrying on like a crazy person.

Check out the clip to see the Pang Brothers (makers of the original) blatantly parrot the Dragon Boat scene from The Killer. Of course, they're "higher octane" by including a motorbike bit and a (n unintentionally) hilarious disarmament.

If you watched that full Woo clip, the part around the six minute mark is parroted in the opening of the "original" Bangkok Dangerous (as seen below).

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