Thursday, July 29, 2010

Impossibly Funky - On Tour

I'm slowly working on putting together a tour of Impossibly Funky. I've been reaching out to a bunch of bookstores and looking for others with the hope of doing a reading, signing, and/or movie screening. Everything's still pretty up in the air but here's what I've got penciled in so far:

September - The book won't be out yet but I'll be supporting it and at the 2010 B Movie Celebration in Franklin, IN (Sept 24-26). I'll be moderating the directors' roundtable and maybe some other fun stuff. Also, while I'm over there, I'd love to see if I can hit a hipster store in Indianapolis -- does such a thing exist?

October - Still hoping to get a consensus on what day/time will work best to get the biggest turnout at an event at the Burton Theater in Detroit for a book release party. It'd be a reading/signing and screening of Black Shampoo as well as some shorts. So far the leader of my poll seems to be Sunday afternoon.

October will also be the month of my blog tour. If you're unfamiliar with what that means, it's that I'm going to hit up thirty (or so) bloggers to review the book and post reviews on a daily schedule. This can also include podcasters. Then every day I'll be tweeting and facebooking the shit out of these reviews/podcasts. I've been making a list of some hip film blogs but I'm open to suggestions. If you have any particular favorites (or want to be a part of the madness), please leave a comment.

November - Will November spawn a monster? Perhaps. The first weekend of the month I'll be attending Noircon 2010 in Philadelphia. I've been trying to extend my stay a day before or after Noircon to do an event at a local bookstore. Of the two stores I've solicited so far, neither have gotten back to me. Hopefully I'll either hear from them soon or will find another hip store to welcome me.

A few weeks later I'm planning on driving down to Baltimore for a weekend of debauchery with my old friends from the MicroCineFest. I'm working with Atomic Books to set up a reading with me and Mike Faloon, author of Hanging Gardens of Split Rock for "A Night of Mikes".

Additionally, I'm working with the Washington Psychotronic Film Society and Chop Suey Books to do events in DC and Richmond, VA. I'm kind of hoping to find another venue or two.

There's also a good chance of a film screening/book event in Baltimore that weekend with some of the former MicroCineFest folks in attendance. I know that Skizz is busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest right now so I'm not promising anything just yet.

On the way down to Baltimore, I'm going to be going through Cleveland and Pittsburgh and hope to find some cool places in those major cities to do more shilling. I'm also looking for places within driving distance to Philadelphia and Baltimore -- maybe in New Jersey or even (gasp) New York?

And, as Detroit is mid-way between Toronto and Chicago, I'd really like to do book events in both of those cities. I have a few "dream places" in mind. Wish me luck with those.

To repeat myself, if you know of any hip places or blogs/podcasts where Impossibly Funky would be welcome, please let me know.

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