Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Step Away...

The more I watch A&E's "Hoarders", the more I realize how perilously close I am to being a hoarder. I've always had collections and have always felt better the more I had of something but it was tape trading/collecting that really got out of control over the last ten years.

For a while it was a point of pride mixed with a bit of a joke. I'd laugh when I talked about the thousands of VHS tapes and DVDs that had taken over my basement. Watching "Hoarders" and hearing the psychologists on the show talk about the gratification of acquisition has really hit home (literally). I've gone from a "cute collection" to a mess of epic proportions.

I'm trying to change my ways.

I gave up tape trading/collecting in 2008. I vowed to not buy any DVDs in 2009 and with the exception of the colorized Forbidden Zone and Stingray Sam, I've held true to that.

I'm not doing so good when it comes to books but seeing the hundreds of unread books in my basement has helped slow me down there.

Now it's time to get rid of the clutter. I've gone through my bookshelves and pulled out nearly 300 books that I will never read or will not read another time. I've started converting VHS tapes to DVDr and throwing away the "home made" ones while setting aside the pre-records. Soon I'll crack open the bins of DVDs.

I'm putting everything up on three sites:,, and in that order. I'm a big fan of Half as you can combine shipping on orders. Amazon doesn't allow that but they do allow selling to other countries. Ebay is a pain in the ass.

Whatever doesn't sell over these next few months I'm going to gather up and put them on a few tables in my driveway and hold a garage sale. What doesn't sell will be tossed or donated to whoever is willing to take it. I'll definitely announce when that garage sale is happening. Wish me luck on overcoming my addiction!

These are some of the tapes I haven't listed on or

Through the Looking Glass XXX
Dark Garden XXX
Fade to Blue XXX
Sex 2 XXX
Shayla's Web XXX
Skin 9 XXX
Climax of Blue Power (XXX) Alpha
Darker Than Amber Bootleg
La Puritana Bootleg
Rumble on the Docks Bootleg
Die Flambierte Frau Bootleg
Skidoo Bootleg
She & He Bootleg
Le Carne Bootleg
The Sicilian Clan Bootleg
Hamlet Goes Business / I Married a Contract Killer Bootleg
Le Vice & Le Vertu Bootleg
The Girls of Kamare Bootleg
The Jazz Singer starring Jerry Lewis Bootleg
Sweet Revenge Bootleg
Deseos Bootleg
Produgal Son Bootleg
Tai Chi Master Bootleg
Django Kill! Bootleg
The Wicker Man Bootleg
Abba: The Movie Bootleg
Brigade Criminelle Bootleg
Running Bootleg
The Colossus of Rhodes Bootleg
Cornman Homemade
Gubbi Gubbi Homemade
When Television Attacks Homemade
Lucky Homemade
The Animal Homemade
The Green Goblin's Last Stand Homemade
Brawlin' Broads Homemade
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Homemade
Godass Homemade
Andre the Giant has a Posse Homemade
Plaster Caster Homemade
Atomic TV Volume 1 Homemade
The Kibbles and Bits of Hellorama Homemade
Jungle Monkey Homemade
Ed Wood's The Venus Flytrap Homemade
Chic-A-Go-Go Homemade
Memorial Day 2000 Homemade
American Job Homemade
Springtime in Greenland Homemade
Acid Freaks Homemade
Wild Goose Chronicles Homemade
Post No Bills Homemade
Filthy Rich & Catflap PAL
Tout Vie Biem PAL
Good Hands PAL
Trip to Kill PAL
Concorde 820 PAL
That Night in Varennes PAL
Jak Utopit Dr. Mracka PAL
La Vie de Chateau PAL
Abelard PAL
Danish Girls Show Everything PAL
Cold Light of Day (1950s) PAL
The Unseen PAL
Espelho De Carne PAL
King Lear PAL
Playtime PAL
Divka Na Kosteti PAL
Fists in the pocket PAL
Na Samote U Lesa PAL
The Warrior PAL
Dreams that Money can Buy PAL
Mr. Hulot's Holiday PAL
Der Grit Grad (The Weak Spot) PAL
The Warning PAL
Man from the First Century PAL
Tudo Bem PAL
GDR Underground Films PAL
Beat Generation: War PAL
Hercules Returns PAL
Il Petomane PAL
Edvard Munch PAL
Flic Story PAL
Temmink: The Ultimate Fight Screener / PAL
Pleasures of the Flesh Secam
Fantasy of the Idiots Secam
The Bodyguard (Sonny Chiba)  
Firecracker (Kung fu)  
Jaws of the Dragon  
Tough Guy  
A Choice of Weapons  
Small Gauge Shotgun  
Karate Warriors  
Fraternity Vacation  
Tennis Ball Killings 3  
The Thrill Killers  
City of the Walking Dead  
Blood Feast  
The Black House  
Brigitt Haas Must Be Killed  
El Hobre Sin Rostro  
White Lions  
Bombay to Nagoya  
Alice or la dernier fugue  
La Commune (2 Tape Set) PAL
The Universal ClockScreener

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