Monday, December 28, 2009

The World Needs Another Cannonball Run

The world needs another Cannonball Run. Back in the '70s audiences could regularly visit the local movie theater (or drive in) for a coast-to-coast race film. Among others there was Gumball Rally, Cannonball and the two Cannonball Run films. American cinema just hasn't been the same without these completely mindless romps. Sure, we got Rat Race in 2001. It was similar in that "through a bunch of D-list celebs into a movie" like Scavenger Hunt but there was no coast-to-coast race there (just from Las Vegas to Silver City, NM).

I propose a reboot of the Cannonball Run series utilizing characters from other film series. Let's have it star Vin Diesel and Paul Walker from the Fast & Furious series. They can ride their cute little souped-up cars from that series. And we'll have to have Jason Statham driving his Transporter BMW. He'll break down halfway through and have to hitch a ride with Seth Green in a Mini a la The Italian Job. The way his career is going, we could nab Robert DeNiro to reprise his role from Ronin.

Who else?


Rich Osmond said...

Britney Spears should come back as her character from Crossroads, a classic forgotten road movie (it even has road in the title!).

Plus Peter Fonda, back in the RV from Race with the Devil (you'll learn to love it one day, Mike) along with Warren Oates (Warren's image created using that new digital technology from Avatar).

Kimberly Lindbergs said...

I'll watch anything with Jason Statham in it!

p.s. I"ve nominated you for some silly blog awards:

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