Thursday, February 26, 2009

More of Faraday's Journal...

Of course I was thrilled last night to see some familiar images on Lost that we've only seen before in Daniel Faraday's journal. Hanging out at the Hydra station was the map Faraday was using to navigate the island as well as the same space-time map that I've obsessed about... repeatedly.

Here's the original image as seen in Faraday's Journal:

And here's the map that Caesar found at the Hydra station:

I thought for sure that these weren't the same maps with one on lined notebook paper and the other on a clean (and bigger) sheet of parchment. Indeed, as one commenter pointed out, they are one and the same:

I'm going back to revisit the circles of Faraday's various maps to compare them to the new, improved map over at I'm just not able to line up these as well with this revised map and am wondering if it's the circles or the map that's the trouble:

I think that the layout of the stations probably looks closer to this:

It's remarkable how different the above maps of the island are from the one found at The biggest difference seems to be the placement of the Hydra station island.

It's also been suggested by my pal Jeff Simko that these circles have nothing to do with the configuration of the stations but that they represent the "pockets of energy" that Eloise Hawking is tracking down at the Lamppost Station. This is tougher to "prove" as there aren't too many good screenshots of the world map Eloise is using. Here's one from with some circles from Daniel's map laid over it:

A better overlay can be seen with Hawking's computer:

Not an exact match... but close at times.

Likewise, an old friend, Terry May, volunteered that these may be tied into the "Vile Vortices". This idea has been kicked around for a while. There are a couple nice write ups about it here: Smoke and Mirrors: Decoding Lost and here.

I also wanted to note that there's an interesting theory over at about Daniel Faraday and Stuart Radzinsky being the same person -- the door map and Faraday's map lining up so well. It's possible though I think Radzinsky is going to show up one of these days soon.

The Sawyer Son of a Bitch compilation:


Anonymous said...

Where did you pick up the first name Stuart for Radzinsky?

Mike White said...

From IMDB.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I like your theory on Daniel's notes and the BDM. I'm not sure your map of the labeled locations works though.

I have been curious about the layout of the Island ever since 'Solitary', and have been investigating seriously since 'Lockdown'.
I am confident I have come to the most complete understanding of the Island's locations of anyone outside the makers of Lost.

I look forward to reading more of your theories in the future!


BTW, got any questions just ask!

Anonymous said...

The diagram Caesar found is a photocopy of Daniel's map.

Note the traces of the notepad's lines.

The lines tend to drift out of alignment toward the upper right, but that could be accounted for by the angle of the photographs - they are not dead on.

Anonymous said...

Pride goeth before the fall, Radzinsky.

Anonymous said...

Radzinsky - let's see your map.

Anonymous said...

You would laugh at my stick-figure level artistic skills :)


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