Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Review: Graphic Sexual Horror

Graphic Sexual Horror (Barbara Bell & Anna Lorentzon, 2009, USA)

That there can be beauty found in torture proves to be the troublesome core of Graphic Sexual Horror, a look at, a website that pushed the boundaries via its use of extreme bondage and anguish. The brainchild of PD (real name Brent Scott), featured a cavalcade of attractive women undergoing myriad torments. These wild scenarios were only limited by the fertile and frightening imagination of PD and his website’s subscribers.

Dairy, Insex, 2003. Stone wall with women in metal cages at the farm.Directors Lorentzon and Bell (author of Stacking in Rivertown) document the rise and fall of the flagitious empire via frank interviews with several key players both behind the scenes and in front of the camera as well as footage that entertained patrons of the website. Though these clips often resembled scenes and a serial killer’s fantasies, the models were stripped of their names, armed with safewords, paid for their trouble, and often sought out PD to session with the ingenious sadist. When things went beyond where they should have, as was apt to happen with such extreme scenes, the results could be fairly scary or fascinating, as shown by the scene of a model reacting adversely to having her face slapped.

Eventually, was brought down by a combination of problems inside (PD supporting a spooky drug addict) and out (the Homeland Security office pressuring the companies that provided merchant accounts to the site). During its run, however, the site gave new beauty to agony that shocked some but pleasured many more.

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