Monday, October 01, 2007

When Did I Get Old?

Fallout Boy, Dashboard Confessional, Timbaland -- I wouldn't know any of these performers/bands if they came knocking on my door. When the hell did I get so old?

I used to be into music. A lot. I used to spend a good deal of my free time haunting used record stores, flipping through bins until my fingers grew black with grime.

Not one to even know the difference between "Michigan" (University of Michigan) and "State" (Michigan State University) until I had to apply to them; I made my decision about which college to go to based on this simple premise -- MSU had a kick-ass college radio station while U of M had some killer record stores. The record stores won out.

Anyway, things changed for me right around the time I graduated from college. I was so dedicated to music that I divided my time between classes, work, and doing late night shifts at WCBN 88.3FM. Everything changed the first week of April 1994. The combination of leaving school and the stupid suicide of Kurdt Cobain seemed to end the chapter of my life where music was such a vital part of my life.

I knew that I had been long losing touch with what "the kids these days" were listening to but this didn't become painfully apparent until I gave the music of Richard Cheese a listen. I really got into his rendition of "Baby Got Back" from Tuxicity but what was this hilarious song "System of a Down" by Chop Suey?

That's when I knew I was old. I didn't know the difference between the name of the band and the name of the song. I was reminded of this story tonight when I was reading all about this album Dashboard Confessional by... well, you see where this is heading.

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