Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cheese Factor High

I've been helping a friend out with her website for the last couple nights. I had been giving her my unbridled critique for the last few months. I was shocked when her web designer put everything in popup windows the first time around and then "remedied" the situation by utilizing some janky framesets. I couldn't decide which hackneyed web technology I disliked more.

I managed to talk her into a revamp of her site, though she won't go for a whole lot of my suggestions. Mostly I've recoded the HTML to make it Standards compliant. Apart from that, I redid a few graphics with some cheeseball effects and made a photo gallery for her with Mootools, CSS, and PHP. Yet, one thing stands in my way...

Her site boasts and introductory animation that she's simply in love with. I've tried to steer her away from this but she's not having any of it. However, rather than subjecting users to a 2Meg (!) download on the intro page, I'm hoping to redo this Flash monstrosity with something dynamically-driven and, ideally, also code-based rather than Flash. I've been searching my usual haunts to try and find something similar without any luck. So, if there are any web folks in the house, any suggestions for a code-based cheesy floating photo "collage" would be greatly appreciated!

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