Thursday, September 13, 2007

Toronto International Film Festival Journal - Part Eight

Oh my gosh. I was about to run up on some folks and do a Rambo at several points during the Toronto International Film Festival. Before the start of each screening there were a few sponsorship messages (natch) and an anti-piracy warning. No where present was the most-needed piece of information for audiences: "TURN OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE/PDA!"

These bright little screens proved a constant source of aggrivation through 90% of the screenings I attended--and I tend to sit near the front of the house. I can't imagine what the audience looks like from the back row. Are these the "thousand points of light" that America was promised years ago? If so, take 'em back. I couldn't believe the gall of people, sitting in theaters and pecking away at their PDA during screenings. I had to resort to balling up pieces of my notebook and hitting some people in the head when they proved themselves too far out of earshot for me to chastize them. Was I really the only person offended by the glare that took me out of the Lacanian Womb of Cinema? And, more important, what makes people think that this kind of disruptive behavior is okay?

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