Sunday, September 30, 2007

Favorite Movie Moment: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Most folks associate Michael Cimino with his biggest success, THE DEER HUNTER, or his greatest failure, HEAVEN'S GATE. It's unfortunate that the rest of Cimino's career goes so overlooked, especially his freshman film as a director, THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT. There's never been a stranger heist movie than this all-star endeavor.

Look for Gary Busey as Vic Tayback's brother working along side Jeff Bridges. Check out Jack Dodson as the manager of the bank that Geoffrey Lewis, George Kennedy, and Clint Eastwood plan to rob. Along with the killer performances, crisp dialog, and seeing Jeff Bridges in drag, THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT features one of my favorite scenes.

Thunderbolt (Eastwood) and Lightfoot (Bridges) are between stolen vehicles when they're picked up by a redneck in a souped-up muscle car (a 1973 Plymouth Fury). His unintelligible rantings include a warning to the two men to sit in the back since he's got a rabid raccoon riding shotgun. And, speaking of shotguns, this is what the crazed guy uses after he flips his car and reveals a trunk-full of rabbits that, apparently, are in need of shooting. It's completely whacked and I love it.

Oh, and the theme song by Paul Williams doesn't hurt matters, either.

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