Monday, September 24, 2007

(P)Resident Evil 3: Extinction

It's level three of this video game-based film series. This time Alice (the comely Milla Jovovich) is wandering the wastelands of the Western U.S. on a psychically-driven quest. Meanwhile, her arch-enemy, Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen), attempts to clone an Alice with the right guts -- both in terms of bravery and DNA make-up.

It's evident that screenwriter Paul W.S. Anderson knows his post-apocalypse cinema. The third entry in the RESIDENT EVIL series is rife with allusions to other End Of The World films with the biggest nod to THE ROAD WARRIOR. This time around, however, the group that our hero encounters -- led by Claire (Ali Larter) -- aren't looking for a tanker truck to carry their gas to the Promised Land. They've got the tanker but don't have the fuel or the destination. Alice manages to provide one of these, Alaska. She also hopes to give the ever-shrinking group of pilgrims the means to find Seward's Folly.

The film has a bit of a weak ending with the obligatory video game "boss" that Alice must defeat before the credits can roll. And, some of the close-ups of Milla Jovovich seem to be computer-enhanced, as if she was digitally "airbrushed" to remove any imperfections. All in all, I would think that Alice's outfit and full make-up in the desert wouldn't be too advisable. Ably directed by hack-for-hire Russell Mulcahy, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION is surprisingly good fare for a Saturday afternoon.

Resident Evil 3:  Extinction

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