Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Time Off Is Bad Behavior

I seem to be running into some issues with some of my old distributors. Seems like "the majors" don't like that it's been about 36 months since my last issue.

"We had you listed as an annual, you need to send us a sample issue so we can see if we're interested in picking you up again." You mean, a sample as in the issue you already sold for me a few years ago? Oy. I'm pretty much starting from scratch.

Looks like one of my other biggest distributors, Desert Moon, is out of business now, too. At least all of their URLs are off line and it seems like the complaints about them online are all pretty old. I never had problems with DMoon but I know a lot of people did.

The rate this is going, I might only have to get a couple hundred issues printed up and just put 'em right out in my garage to eliminate that painful process of shipping out to distributors and not having people read what I write. Hell, maybe I'll just not worry about printing and just have a bonfire with the money that I'd spend otherwise on printing. If anything, that would help me not piss off or alienate even more people than I normally do.

Would you like some cheese with this whine?

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