Friday, April 27, 2007

Small World Report

We all know that this is a small world. I run in a few circles--the web community, the punk rawk community, and the Downriver community. I would like to say that I'm all up in the Detroit Film Community grill but that just isn't so. Anyway, this week I've had two odd crossovers that gave me pause.

Windy - I was an obnoxious kid (who turned into an obnoxious adult). I remember singing The Association's "Windy" when I learned that the cool punk chick that worked at Record Town at the Southland Mall shared that moniker. A few weeks back when I was met with Windy at Story Records in Dearborn when I was dropping off issues of Cashiers du Cinemart for Free Comic Book Day, I wondered, "Can there really be two punk gals named Windy working at record stores in the Metro Detroit area?" Apparently there can't. I've since sent an apology about the Association thing.

Chorkey - I don't know how I managed to not know my coworker John Schuchard before I started working at Organic. Not only is he pals with an old co-worker or two of mine but he was also a friend to my best friend in high school, Aimee Chorkey (now Aimee Watters).

Paul MowMow - This one happened a few months back but it's still odd. I have ePrize listed on my MySpace Profile since I worked there. Another ex-Prizer was searching out that company name to see who else she knew that worked there was on MySpace. She came across my profile and saw a picture of her best friend's boyfriend on my "top friends" section. How odd to find out that, even though we only worked together for about two weeks, she knows one of my college buddies, Paul Mow.

"It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it." - Stephen Wright

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