Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Being without a day job sometimes has its advantages. I've had ample opportunity lately to begin researching in earnest some upcoming projects including helping Greydon Clark out on an autobiography and writing a book tentatively titled "Gould and Sutherland in the '70s." This may just become "Gould in the '70s" as I'm having some trouble connecting with Donald Sutherland.

It's kind of funny. Sutherland's publicist has been blocking me, asking why I would want to write about both of these guys "since they were only in one movie together." I had to really restrain myself from being a know-it-all and saying, "Actually, your client was in three films with Mr. Gould; M*A*S*H, Little Murders, and SPYS." I'm going to try to go around this person if I can but things aren't looking so good at the moment. If anyone has a better line to Donald Sutherland, I'd love to try it.

In the meantime, I'm having a heck of a lot of fun watching and re-watching Elliott Gould's output from the '70s and researching these films. I've even been lucky enough to track down some of his appearances on TV in things like an Olivia Newton-John special. Whoo-boy! I've re-pitched Gould on working with me on this project (if it were a non-Gould/Sutherland book) and await his response. Regardless, I'm going to go ahead with the project and just hope that he'll see fit to be a part of it. He has had a fascinating career and his work in the '70s was something of a microcosm of what that decade represents to me.

Of course, work on the podcast still continues. I've been very fortunate to speak to some fascinating folks and have had a blast recording these with a wide range of co-hosts. I can't believe it's been almost a year since that started. It's been both a highly-frustrating and rewarding process.

Thanks to everyone who's been so supportive while I've been off. I appreciate all the books that people have been buying and the links folks have been passing my way.


Chris Barry said...

Funny - I actually thought Sutherland and Gould did more movies than only three. Amazing in that this duo pretty much defined the era. When I think antiestablishment, I think Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gouold.

Chris Barry said...

Too bad I can't spell...I meant Elliot GOULD...

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