Friday, March 18, 2011

Harper Woods Film Festival - March 18, 2011

The Harper Woods Film Festival is a one-night only Michigan film centered event. The fundraiser will help further the mission of the Harper Woods Public Library in 2011 and beyond.

Friday, March 18, 2011
7:30pm - 10:00pm

Harper Woods High School
20225 Beaconsfield Street
Harper Woods, MI

The evening will feature trailers, short fiction and short documentaries from some of the state's top independent filmmakers.

Come and see what homegrown talent is all about. Mix and mingle with local filmmakers and learn how they create their wonderful, new visions.

Some of the films in the program:

"Cell Phone Trailer" – Directed by Michael Pfaendtner
A quick reminder to turn off your cell phone in a movie theatre or grave things can happen.

"Fairview St." (trailer) – Directed by Michael McCallum
"Fairview St." is an award winning Lansing made feature film about a paroled man who returns home to make amends but finds himself pulled back into a world of crime. "Fairview St." is currently available on DVD.

"The Wars of Other Men" (trailer) – Directed by Mike Zawacki
"The Wars of Other Men" – Set in an alternate World War I era Earth, "The Wars of Other Men" tells the story of a nameless Lieutenant fighting for an army on the verge of defeat. The enemy has begun to dominate the battlefield with their new chemical super weapon known only as "the Fog." When his superiors learn the location of the facility that manufactures the Fog, the Lieutenant is ordered to lead a squad through the war torn city to capture its creator at the cost of sacrificing his men and unleashing the Fog upon soldiers and civilians alike. The Lieutenant must choose between being a good soldier and a good man.

"Declaration Detroit" (trailer)
"Declaration Detroit" is a promotional film for the non-partisan political/social action group called "Declare Detroit". The short speaks of the principles of the group as they focusing on making Detroit a better place to live, work and play.

"Factory 2" (animation) – Directed by Electric Otto
"Factory 2" is a short animation created by Electric Otto incorporating the music of local hip-hop artist Robo-Robb and Moonchild. The song is from their recent album "Save the Music".

"Paint a Burnt House" (documentary) – Directed by Steven McGee
"Paint a Burned House" is a short documentary featuring the collaborative art project, "Imagination Station." The "Imagination Station" campus is near the Michigan Central Station in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

"Louder than Love: the Grande Ballroom Story" (trailer) – Directed by Tony D'Annunzio
"Louder than Love: the Grand Ballroom Story" is a feature documentary about the legendary Detroit rock and roll venue and its impact on music, not only locally, but worldwide. "Louder than Love" will be released later this year.

"Auction Sale" (documentary) – Directed by Michael Pfaendtner
Shot in rural Macomb County in 1979 in glorious black and white, "Auction Sale" features farm auctioneer Paul G. Hillman as he talks about his long career in the auction business dating back to 1945.

"Retreat" (fiction) – Directed by Robert Joseph Butler
Alexis is an alienated teenager who is shy, isolated, and keeps to herself. Disconnected from her family, classmates, and environment, she gravitates to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to get in touch with her mind and spirit.

"The Message" (fiction) – Directed by Mike Zawacki
"The Message" – A voice from the past unites a fragile trio of survivors coping with life after a catastrophic epidemic.

"A Little Knowledge" (fiction) – Directed by Clark A. Eagling
"A Little Knowledge" – A young woman thinks she saw something -- or did she? When an amateur sets out to do a professional's job, she finds a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Winner of Best Film, Best Directing, Best Sound Design, and Best Thriller/Suspense at the 2009 Detroit 48 Hour Film Challenge competition.

"Dog Gone" (fiction) – Directed by Paul Lenzi
Life ain't half bad for Ginger the Pug. Ginger is rewarded with delicious biscuits every time her owner, Bella, asks a nagging question. That is, until Mr. Sprinkles arrives and turns this doggie's world upside down. Can Ginger get Bella back?

"Pigment" (fiction) – Directed by Kyle Dufendach
Like every girl, Amanda wants a change. She seeks out an artist who magically transforms her appearance by simply painting over her image on paper. The possibilities of the artist seem limitless, but Amanda wrestles with who she is becoming and how far she must go to be truly happy.

Door Prizes will include films on DVD and Blu-Ray as well as film related books and other prizes donated from our sponsors:

The Criterion Collection
Cashiers du Cinemart (Mike White)
Mitten Movie Project

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You're kidding! I lived in HW for years and they never had anything like this. It's tonight, and if I can make it, I will.

I may send a surrogate...

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