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Renegade Angel - Deluxe Edition

Cover Art by Baron Von Watermelon From Wikipedia
Bad For Good is an 1981 album by American songwriter Jim Steinman. Steinman wrote all of the songs and performed on most, although Rory Dodd contributed lead vocals on some tracks.

The songs were originally intended to be recorded by Meat Loaf as a follow up to Bat out of Hell, titled Renegade Angel. However, Meat Loaf suffered vocal problems and was unable to sing. However, he would record several tracks from Bad for Good for his later albums.

The critical reaction to the album was rather mediocre. Many reviews commented that Steinman's singing voice was inadequate for the songs.

Many of the tracks, or elements thereof, on Bad for Good have been recorded by other artists, including projects that Steinman has been involved in.

He produced Barbra Streisand recording "Left in the Dark" for her album Emotion. The intro to "Stark Raving Love" was used for "Holding Out for a Hero", a 1984 hit for Bonnie Tyler.

Meat Loaf has recorded most of Bad for Good:

  • "Surf's Up" - Bad Attitude;
  • "Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through" - Bat out of Hell II
  • "Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)" - Bat out of Hell II
  • "Love And Death and an American Guitar" ("Wasted Youth") - Bat out of Hell II
  • "Lost Boys and Golden Girls" - Bat out of Hell II
  • "Left in the Dark" - Welcome to the Neighborhood;
  • "Bad for Good" - Bat out of Hell III: The Monster
  • An excerpt of "The Storm" is used as intro to "Seize the Night" on Bat out of Hell III.

Being the obsessive that I am, I've collected all of these tracks together along with the original Steinman album, live versions of the song (of good quality) and other versions of the songs (as mentioned above) into one torrent file.

Download Torrent File

Seize The NightMeat Loaf1
Bad For GoodMeat Loaf1
Lost Boys And Golden GirlsMeat Loaf1
Love And Death and an American GuitarMeat Loaf1
Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)Meat Loaf1
Surf's UpMeat Loaf1
Left In The DarkMeat Loaf1
Rock And Roll Dreams Come ThroughMeat Loaf1
The StormJim Steinman2
Bad For GoodJim Steinman2
Lost Boys And Golden GirlsJim Steinman2
Love And Death And An American GuitarJim Steinman2
Stark Raving LoveJim Steinman2
Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)Jim Steinman2
Surf's UpJim Steinman2
Dance In My PantsJim Steinman2
Spoken Introduction / Left In The Dark / Spoken EndingJim Steinman2
Rock And Roll Dreams Come ThroughJim Steinman3
OvertureDance Of The Vampire Demos3
The Opening of the BoxPandora's Box3
Wasted Youth (Speech) (Live)Meat Loaf3
Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) (Live)Meat Loaf3
Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) (Live)Meat Loaf3
Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through (Live)Meat Loaf3
Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through (Live)Meat Loaf3
Left In The DarkBarbra Streisand3
Holding Out For A HeroBonnie Tyler3

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Cover art by Baron Von Watermelon


Baron Von Watermelon said...

It was nice of this person to steal the cover art that I created when I originally posted (my version) of "Renegade Angel" on The Pirate Bay almost 2 years ago...

See for yourself:

Mike White said...

Indeed, that is stolen. If you're the guy that made it, I'll gladly credit you. Hope that you enjoy the collection.

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