Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sun Always Shines in Ann Arbor

If Sleazemania taught me anything, it's that a two hour block of previews gets boring after about an hour, no matter how inherently interesting the material may be. Despite my love for all of the previews that I put together, even I got a little antsy. Regardless, it was free entertainment and you can't get much for nothing these days.

Vault of Midnight has been a fixture in Ann Arbor for years. It's probably one of the coolest stores I've ever been in and puts most comic shops to shame. That's just one of the reasons I was so happy to have a book event there.

After swinging by Pizza Bob's for a couple of subs with Justin from Mondo Video, we stopped by Vault of Midnight where owners Curtis and Liz helped us set up for the event. Soon, a lot of familiar faces started coming through the door.

Thanks to some great word of mouth, promotions by Curtis & Liz, an awesome article in, and some great friends, I had a wonderful turnout. At one point I counted twenty-five heads in the room -- and that didn't even count mine.

I did a little spiel about the history of the zine, talking a little about my time at U of M, and then read a bit before turning off the lights and turning on the DVD of previews, shorts, and music videos. For shits & giggles I had put a couple video projects on the disc (my A-Team and Porno Person pieces) and got a nice response. I also got some great feedback when the lights came back up. It was terrific being back in my old stomping grounds. I had hoped some of my old film professors might have come out for the event but I can't have everything, right?

On the eve of my big road trip/tour around the East, I can only hope that every event is as successful as this one.

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XichthusX said...

Solid turn out dude. Glad to see word of mouth still gets butts in those seats. I hope you sold a few books.

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