Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Revenge of Print

My brain is on fire. On Friday night Benn Ray told me about the effort that Atomic Books and Quimby's are making for a 2011 "revenge of print." Here's what's on the Atomic blog:

We're tired of all the END OF PAPER, the END OF PUBLISHING AS WE KNOW IT stories. We've been hearing and reading about it ever since we've been open (which is going on almost 20 years now). So for 2011, we've decided to throw a challenge out there. If you've ever made a zine or mini comic MAKE ONE MORE ISSUE. Come on, you've got one more in you! Maybe you were thinking in the back of your head you'd do another issue one day. Now is the time.

Could the world handle one more issue of Cashiers du Cinemart? I know my bank account couldn't unless I took things all the way back to the beginning... if not the typewriter, at least the Xerox machine aesthetic. I'll probably be blogging about this for a while, mulling things over and asking for contributions (articles, not money). Thoughts? Opinions?


Temple of Schlock said...

We're planning to do a flashback print issue next year, totally old school: typewriter, scissors, glue stick, photocopying, etc. Look for an announcement soon.

Unknown said...

I've been lucky to be able to continue print because of local advertisers but the cost still creeps into my billfold. That said, I'm actually hoping to spring 3 or 4 print things upon the world in 2011 including a (really) low run MICRO-FILM special. Just think through carefully your ways and means, and then go for it if yous gots the guts!

XichthusX said...

I think this is a rad idea. I would love to support people who are putting out books/zines! Anyone who has a back catalog of older issues or new ones in the works message me and I will buy them off of you and support you efforts now! Go Mike!

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