Saturday, March 27, 2010

F'ing Crazy - A Road Trip!

I'm not too big on spontaneity. I like reservations and plans rather than just diving in. Though I've got two weeks' notice, I'm feeling a little nutty about my upcoming trip to Philadelphia.

I'm going to drive 586 miles to see Tweet's Ladies of Pasadena. Sure, there are some other movies playing -- it's a whole Timothy Carey evening -- but seeing Tweet's is what sealed the deal.

The plan at the moment is to take off Thursday April 8; driving from work into Pennsylvania and grabbing a room somewhere around Pittsburgh. Hell, maybe I'll see if there's a room someplace around the Monroeville Mall.

The next day I'll drive to Philadelphia, check into a room, and head up to the International House for the April 9 screening where I'll meet up with my buddy Skizz. We'll check out the movies, go back to the hotel and grab some Zs as the screening's going to be at least four hours, probably more as the event's being hosted by Romeo Carey. He'll be doing some Q&A.

Tweet Twig's Ladies of Pasadena

The next day, April 10, we'll drive down to Baltimore. No plans there, as of yet, but I look forward to seeing my Baltimore pals before making the long drive back to Detroit.

Yeah, it's a little nutty but that's how I'm feeling.

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