Saturday, September 06, 2008

TIFF 2008: The Truth About Canadian Films

It's a fact: Most people would rather eat their own children than see a Canadian Film.*

Miraculously, there are not one but two Canadian films at this year's festival that I not only "wouldn't mind" seeing but actually want to see. The only thing is... I can't see either of them. They're both playing against other films which I want to see more. So, here's hoping that Real Time and Pontypool find their way a few hundred miles West and cross into the Detroit area.

*Exceptions made for Guy Maddin, John Paizs, and David Cronenberg films (and a few others). I once ate a neighbor's child when just threatened to have to watch an Atom Egoyan film. If I see that chick with the thick eyebrows one more time... (shaking fist at sky).


Unknown said...

You know, for all our love of the arts, especially film, you'd think one of us would learn how to make a friggin' movie. Oh well. We're REAL good at watchin' 'em though!

Michael Guillen said...

Pontypool was great and I sincerely regret your not being able to lend critical insight to same.

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