Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cover Artist Needed

The work on the Cashiers du Cinemart book continues. Unfortunately, our cover artist fell through (personal issues). We're wishing him the best while also starting to scour for another hip artist to pick up the paintbrush for our cover.

As always, I'm looking for something eye-catching and maybe a little naughty. If you're up for it, or know someone who is, please give me a shout.

Past covers are here...

Favorite Artists - Some of my favorite artists include Gil Elvgren, Lisa Petrucci, Mitch O'Connell, King Velveeda, Mark Ryden, Ron English, Steve Blickenstaff, Todd Schorr, Glenn Barr, Eric Stanton, etc.

Timing - I'd like to get a cover sketch by the end of October and the finished piece by the end of November. You'd retain the rights to the art, of course, but I'd be able to use it for promotional pieces (postcards, print ads, online ads). Sound good? Drop me a line!

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Junior's Digital Designs said...

I design cover art for books and magazines too as well as cards too.

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