Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Down But Not Out

Last week I came to a decision as I was driving home from my local Credit Union where I had taken out a loan to pay off my credit card debt.

I just can't do it anymore. I am a fiscal dunderhead and can't seem to make a profit from my admitted "hobby publication," Cashiers du Cinemart. Apart from the first issue of the zine when I was using the copier at one job and mailing meter from another, I never managed to break even on an issue. With each increased step of quality, the costs grew. Sometimes these were offset by revenue from advertisers and distributors (though individual sales were always countered by postage costs).

With the combined decline of independent distributors, higher postage and postage rates, and the lack of interest from advertisers, Cashiers du Cinemart has become a money pit for me. I won't be gauche and get into my EBIDA, suffice to say that there's far more money going out than coming in.

That said, after fourteen years of writing, laying out, editing, and publishing Cashiers du Cinemart, I have to throw in the towel.

The idea may continue in some form or another in the future. I'm still not fully committed to web publishing for longer articles, holding on to the idea that print remains the best medium for reading. I'm looking into options of various "print on demand" services that will eliminate some of the heartache and headaches of publishing and distribution while passing on the cost to my faithful readers. For that, my bank account will thank you. In other words, there may be a Cashiers du Cinemart #16, but it sure won't look or show up like the last fifteen issues. The zine may be down, but not completely out.

I never got into zine publishing to make money, but I certainly didn't get into it with the intention of taking out a loan every few years to pay off the last issue or two.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Stay tuned for future developments!

Addendum: I'm not giving up writing by the way. I tried putting in pieces at a few places in the past and found that I'm too highbrow for the lowbrow rags and too lowbrow for the highbrow rags. I'm all about the midbrow, I guess. :)


Anonymous said...

Exactly...not out. :)

Greg Woods said...

I'm sorry to hear that Mike, but believe me I understand. You always have a home at ESR if ever you get the writing bug.

Mike White said...

I won't be stopping writing. Just a matter of where that writing ends up. You know me, obsessive to a fault, I'll continue to explore the darker corridors of subgenre cinema until my last breath.

Dan said...

Mike: Sorry to hear the print version is coming to an end but can completely and totally sympathize. I've always enjoyed CASHIERS and I agree with your thoughts on the web not being the best home for long pieces. Looking forward to whatever you do next.

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