Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Upcoming Film Releases

In the last few weeks I've seen the preview to Peter Berg's THE KINGDOM both online and in a movie theater (in front of THE GOOD SHEPHERD). It looks pretty good and I imagine I'll check it out when it hits theaters in April. Wait... what's that? I'm reading that this flick isn't due for release until... am I reading this right? September 28? That's got to be a misprint. No, no, everything I'm reading now says that it's release is in September 2007. That's not good. I'm going to be sick of this film before it even comes out. It'll be attached to every "adult drama" from now until October. Ugh.

America can rejoice... Apparently our prayers have been heard. The long-awaited sequel to BEAN is due to hit the U.S. in September as well! This last decade has been just so unbearable without Rowan Atkinson's unique brand of... okay, I can't go on with the charade. The only thing worse than the idea of MR. BEAN's HOLIDAY is going to be the stupid subtitle that this picture will undoubtedyly endure. Perhaps, "THE BEAN IS BACK" or "MORE MEAN, MORE BEAN" or "NOW EVEN BEANIER". This shit gets made while a Black Adder film remains absent. Where is the justice?

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