Monday, March 26, 2007

I Have Seen The Geeks, And They Are Us

Of course there's wireless access here at An Event Apart...

I don't know why I am, but I am rather taken aback at the sheer numbers of folks in attendance of this conference. I'm sitting in one of two columns of about a dozen rows of tables where empty seats are few and far between. It's good to see such a turnout surprising nonetheless. It's pleasing to see so many other webgeeks who can laugh about things like unsupported tags and aural stylesheets.

I suppose it's also comforting to hear the soundtrack of this event, played over the speaker system here. The White Stripes, The Breeders, The Velvet Underground, and many more. All songs that I've got on my iPod. Makes me feel not so much like an outsider. I was a bit "afeared" that my web brethren would be too 2.0 for me and that I'd be some geezer scratching my bald head at references to iPhones and tags unknown.

Okay, time to hit the book table and loo before finally hearing from my "web hero" Jeffrey Zeldman.

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