Sunday, April 06, 2008

Small World Department

I realized last week that me and my longtime chum Mike Thompson have high school acquaintances that are starring in new television shows starting this week. He's got Elizabeth "SHOWGIRLS" Berkely (the pride of Farmington Hills) in Bravo's Step Up and Dance while I've got Riverview's favorite son, Bob "The Bachelor" Guiney, on TLC's Date My House.

Other "Small World" news includes finally meeting Megan Abbott at NoirCon. She used to work with Mike Thompson at "The Michigan Daily," the University of Michigan newspaper that I used to read on a (get this) daily basis. It was through "the Daily" that I first got to know Thompson and thought he was a complete asshole. He has yet to dissaude me from this opinion (sorry, it's expected that we abuse each other like this). "Midwest in the House!"

I need to confirm it, but I believe that another old friend of Thompson and Abbott's was thanked in the credits of Eddie Muller's THE GRAND INQUISITOR. I never met this elusive third Mike but apparently he's my doppleganger -- if not in looks, at least in opinion. I've been told that if we ever met that it would be like crossing the streams - all life as you know it would stop instantaneously and every molecule in your body would explode at the speed of light; total protonic reversal. That would be bad.

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