Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Big Ole Update

Branching Out

With the demise of the print version of Cashiers du Cinemart, I've been attempting to branch out a bit. To that end, it looks like I'll be working with Detroit's Metro Times! My first piece went out this week. As part of their gala "Food Issue," I penned a piece on cannibal films. Click here to check it out, or pick it up at your favorite local haunts if you're in the Detroit area (page 39). (Oh, and please feel free to "Digg it").

Indy Request

I'm going to be revising an article from Cashiers du Cinemart #9, "Jonesing for the New Indy Film". What I really need to get my hands on is the elusive Frank Darabont draft of the Indy 4 script. Do any of you Hollywood Insiders have access to this? It's a bit of a holy grail. ;)

Archives Updated!

Just about every article from Cashiers du Cinemart #15 has been put up in the Archives section of

RIP: Jules Dassin

Little did I know that my review for Jules Dassin's RIFIFI would be running just a few short days after the director passed away.

Lunch with Me

Be sure to check out for a daily helping of lunchtime cult reviews. They've been running at noon. You can also sign up for email updates via my RSS Feed.

Upcoming Travel

For all my peeps in Toronto, Baltimore, and NYC; I'll be coming out to these fine locations over the next six weeks.

  • April 14-17 - Toronto
  • May 2-4 - Baltimore
  • May 29-June 1 - NYC

Hope to see you when I'm there!


BTW, I have a profile on Facebook. Feel free to befriend me! Just don't confuse me with the other Mike White.

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