Thursday, April 03, 2008

NoirCon Day One

It's a grey day in Philadelphia. No rain slicked streets or inky shadows... Yet. I'm sitting at the Society Hill Playhouse eavesdropping on three guys talking Elmore Leonard and Detroit, trying desperately to remember stories of the Rouge River catching fire (thanks to it being more chemical waste than water).

Tonight's spotlight focuses on David Schmid. He calls into question the boundaries, canon, themes, and marketing of "noir". Schmid provides a striking thought starter for the conference and one I predict will echo through the speeches and discussions of the weekend.

This was followed up by a screening of THE ICE HARVEST, an overlooked (perhaps justly) thriller with eyes on Neonoir. More on this film later.

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LB said...

Tell it like it is! Looking forward to hearing more about NoirCon.

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