Tuesday, September 26, 2017

UK Journal: Disco Damnation

[Undated Entry]


Today we went to Oxford. I found two 45s by P.i.L. and about eight books by Michael Moorcock and one about John Lydon, in all I spent about 30 pounds -- much too much but oh well. Oxford was a little dull but it was beautiful.

Tonight I go to the EF DISCO!

While in Oxford I went on a thing called "The Oxford Story" and then we went "punting" which is something like a combined canoe and gondola ride.


Dude, the disco was cancelled!!! Yesterday we went to Oxford and had a jolly old time. The buildings were really cool but the best part was that I found "Metal Box" on cassette and got both "Warrior" and "Disappointed" on 45. When we got back to Wimbledon we went to Pizza Hut and had the best meal since I've been here.

Then we went to the place where the disco was and found it was cancelled. Damnation!!!

I did find out on the way, though, that our leader, Fran, likes Monty Python and The Young Ones. So then we, the little campers of Leslie, Michelle, Jim, Natasha, me, the Atlanta kid [Kevin] went back to the Toby Jug. On the way there, though, I found out that Michelle has seen Car Wash! Then, while at the Toby Jug, I found out that the Atlanta kid likes CAMEO!

Everybody seems really cool. Even the Canadians! (Those Dern Ferriners). The kid from L.A., Jim, likes The Smiths but also likes Eazy-E. But, they call got drunk, even Natasha. But when Natasha was drunk I told her how much I liked her and she said she felt the same way towards me. I hope she does.

Today, however, was the train strike - but despite this major setback I still managed to spend the afternoon with Natasha.

Leslie is supposed to order Natasha and Jim both a Cure ticket and I they weren't too far away and if Natasha sees to still like me (more I hope), I'll trade tickets with Jim. Today we just hung around Wimbledon where I got some Francs for Friday. Time's going by so quick (sic) and some more pounds sterling, not enough though. I'll only have 17 after I pay for Paris so I guess I'll have to cash another cheque.


Check with Fran about Friday 7/28 and CALL MOM at 5:00

Meet 6:30 at Wimbledon

Departure flight 936 British Airways

Pick up pre-paid ticket

7:20 AM depart

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