Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Message to a Friend

Recently, a friend of mine passed on a little bit of a rant of which I was the subject but that I was not privy to see. I found this incredibly amusing so I wanted to share it.

To provide a little context, if you've followed this blog you've seen a few posts about the Wolf Pack Podcast and the kind of cuckoo shenanigans of host Eric Morse AKA William Pattison. He has quite a vendetta against the directors Jen & Sylvia Soska. He has delivered the same rant about them several times with the first possible appearance on his "Hatchet Show", A Message to Some Friends (You can jump to 6:46 if you don't want to sit through the opening song).

Recently, Rob St. Mary and I interviewed the Soska Sisters for our Projection Booth episode about their film, American Mary. As we were talking primarily about the Soskas and, secondarily, about gender in horror, we thought it'd be funny to counter our rather open-minded discussion (along with Badasses, Boobs & Bodycounts' co-host, Iris) with the rather stunted, wholesale dismissal of the Soska sisters, female directors, and Women in Horror month.

I think we did this rather hilariously in the podcast but, apparently, not everyone was amused:

Hey People, I honestly have to say I feel sorry for Jen and Sylvia Soska. The thing is on Wednesday the Twisted Twins were on Mike White's Projection Booth podcast for a fifteen minute interview.

While I'm one of the hosts of the show, I feel uncomfortable when people call The Projection Booth my show. I would like to think that Rob St. Mary feels ownership in the show as we share much of the work and, thus, should share much of the "glory."

Oh, and the interview with the Soska sisters ended up around 45-minutes long, not 15.

Unfortunately what the girls didn't realize was that during the entire show leading up to the interview Mike trashed them and talked smack about them. He actually used sound clips he pieced together from my podcasts and electronically changed them to do a smack talking "Robo Host".

While the Soska sisters are definitely female, I have an issue with calling women over 18 years old "girls". I find this rather dismissive.

Also, Robohost utilized not only quotes from various Wolf Pack shows but comments left on this blog. I would say that these are more of a 50/50 split.

Shit, people, Mike started the show by ripping apart American Mary, which in my opinion was easy to do.

I'll let others judge but I really don't think that I ripped apart American Mary. The discussion we had about the film was a lot of fun. I had some critiques of the film -- nothing out of line and nothing outside of the realm of film criticism.

But, my point is that it takes a royal low life to invite people onto his podcast and go out of this way to trash them and then interview them without them knowing.

There was no trashing of neither Jen nor Sylvia. They're big girls (irony intended) and can take people discussing their films. We don't practice "gotcha journalism" and I am completely comfortable with the episode. When we're done with episodes, we always send them to the people that we interviewed (in hopes that they will enjoy and share the episode). Wouldn't I have felt like an asshole to "trash" Jen and Sylvia and then send them the show?

That is complete and utter bullshit. Honestly, I heard all this from a friend who actually listen to that whining retard Mike White's show.

Oh, this explains things. Mr. Pattison/Morse didn't even listen to the show. Apparently his source was to blame for misconstruing the facts. Oh, okay, nevermind. I guess everything is fine between Mr. Pattison/Morse and the show. He's just misinformed.

The truth is this friend felt sorry for the sisters, yet he did describe them from the interview as "foul mouth disgusting whores."

Wow. That's quite a reaction! And not very nice!

Not a very good representation for representatives of the WWE, but still not worthy of the treatment Mike White treated them to. And the reason for all this you ask? Because Mike wanted to take swipes and me and decided it would be funny to use the sisters to do that. Really funny. Well, now White is posting links to this all over twitter and the internet on Soska fan sites.

If there any Soska fan sites, I'd love to know about them. Again, I'm very happy with the episode and think that fans of the Soska sisters would be happy to hear an insightful discussion and two terrific interviews (it was a blast talking to both the "Twisted Twins" and to Tristan Risk).

I hope fans and friends of Jen and Sylvia realize what Mike White is pulling and closes this shit down. I also suggest Jen and Sylvia's PR department is going on full damage control because this is honestly a complete and utter clusterfuck for them.

I would invite friends and fans of Jen and Sylvia to weigh in on this as I honestly don't see me "pulling" anything.

I know it is amusing that the person that people consider Soska Hater #1 is saying all this. The truth is I don't hate the twins, I'm disappointed in them. There is a big difference there. As I've said I've even been the one holding out the olive leaf but they are the ones not accepting. Still, I don't care who it is this kind of setup bullshit is wrong. I know how that is after that bullshit with Lucas Marlone bringing on my haters last year onto his show when I was on to talk about the end of Artists in Horror Month. These actions by Mike White are unconscionable and just plain wrong.

I further want to tell Geek Juice, who Mike White uses as a host and archive resource for his podcast that they need to deal with this as well. This does not look well on your organization, I don't think a slander suit or having Vince McMahon's legal department breathing down your necks are a good things.

Just to clarify, Geek Juice Media does not physically host any of The Projection Booth's files. We are one of many shows that are under the Geek Juice umbrella of free, quality entertainment.

Again... Does anyone find our episode slanderous or simply informative and entertaining?

You can read and hear more of Pattison/Morse's obsession with the Soskas here:

(It's rather ironic that Pattison/Morse talks about blocking people from Facebook when, apparently, I'm blocked from seeing his posts while he continues to post about me).

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